1 Chronicles 16

Bishops(i) 1 So they brought in the arke of God, and set it in the middest of the tent that Dauid pitched for it: And they offered burnt sacrifices and peace offringes before God 2 And when Dauid had made an end of offring the burnt offringes and peace offringes, he blessed the people in the name of the Lorde 3 And he dealt to all Israel both man and woman, a cracknel of bread, and a good peece of fleshe, and a flacket of wine 4 And he appoynted certaine of the Leuites to minister before the arke of the Lord, and to repeate, and to thanke and prayse the Lorde God of Israel 5 And Asaph was the chiefe, and nexte to him Zacharia, Ieiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Mathathia, Eliab, Benaia, Obed Edom, & Ieiel with instruments, psalteries, & harpes: But Asaph made a sounde with cymbales 6 Banaia and Iahaziel priestes blewe with trumpettes continually before the arke of the couenaunt of God 7 And that same tyme Dauid did appoynt chiefely to thanke the Lorde by Asaph and his brethren 8 Confesse you [it] vnto God, call vpon his name: cause the people to vnderstande his deuises 9 Sing vnto him, sing psalmes vnto him: talke you of all his wonderous workes 10 Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them reioyce that do seeke God 11 Seeke God and his strength: seeke his face euermore 12 Remember the marueylous workes that he hath done: his wonders, and the iudgementes of his mouth 13 O ye seede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye his chosen children of Iacob 14 he is God our Lorde, his iudgementes are in all the earth 15 He hath ben mindfull alwayes of his couenaunt (for he promysed a word to a thousande generations: 16 euen of his couenaunt that he made with Abraham, and of his othe vnto Isaac 17 And he appoynted the same vnto Iacob for a law: and to Israel for an euerlasting couenaunt 18 Saying, vnto thee I wyll geue the lande of Chanaan: the lot of your inheritaunce 19 When they were a fewe men in number, and had ben straungers but a litle while in it 20 and when they went from one nation to another, from one kingdome to another people 21 He suffred no man to do them wrong: yea he reproued euen kinges for their sakes 22 Touche not myne annoynted: and triumph not ouer my prophetes 23 Sing vnto the Lorde all the earth: and shewe from day to day his saluation 24 Tell of his glory among the heathen: his wonderfull deedes among all natitions 25 For great is the Lorde, and worthy to be praysed exceedingly: he is to be feared aboue all gods 26 For all the gods of the people are but idoles: but the Lorde made heauen 27 Prayse and honour are in his presence: strength and gladnesse are in his place 28 Asscribe vnto the Lord ye kinredes of people, Asscribe to the Lorde glorie and dominion 29 Asscribe vnto the Lord the glorie due vnto his name, bring sacrifices, and come before him, and worship the Lord in his glorious sanctuarie 30 Let all the earth feare him: surely the world shalbe stable and not moue 31 Let the heauens reioyce, and let the earth be glad, and let men tel among the nations that the Lorde is king 32 Let the sea rore & the fulnesse thereof: let the fieldes reioyce, & all that is therin 33 Then shall the trees of the wood reioyce at the presence of the Lord, because he commeth to iudge the earth 34 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is good, for his mercie endureth euer 35 And say ye, saue vs O God our saluation, gather vs together, and deliuer vs from among the heathen, that we may geue thankes to thy holy name, and triumph in the prayse of thee 36 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for euer and euer: & let all people say Amen, and prayse the Lorde 37 And so he left there before the arke of the lordes couenaunt Asaph & his brethren, to minister before the arke continually, [in such thinges as were to be done] day by day 38 And Obed Edom and his brethren, threescore and eyght, and Obed Edom the sonne of Ieduthun, and Hosa, were appoynted to be porters 39 And Zadoc the priest & his brethren the priestes were before ye tabernacle of the lord, in the hie place that was at Gibeon 40 To offer burnt offeringes vnto the Lorde vpon the burnt offering aulter perpetually, in the morning and euening, according to all that which is written in the lawe of the Lorde whiche he commaunded Israel 41 And with them were Heman and Ieduthun, and other that were chosen, whose names were expressed to geue thankes to the Lorde, That his mercie lasteth euer 42 And with them dyd Heman and Ieduthun sing with the trumpets and cymbales, making a sweete melodie with instrumentes of musicke & godly songues: And the sonnes of Ieduthun were porters 43 And al the people departed euery man to his house, & Dauid returned to blesse his house