H3171 יחואל יחיאלo - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

יחואל יחיאל o
ye chı̂y'êl ye chav'êl
yekh-ee-ale', yekh-av-ale'
From H2421 and H410; God will live; Jechiel (or Jechavel), the name of eight Israelites

KJV Usage: Jehiel.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

יחואל יחיאלo
Jehiel = "God lives"
1. a Levite and one of the chief musicians in the time of David
2. a Gershonite Levite who had charge of the treasures in the time of David
3. son of Hachmoni and an officer of David and tutor of David's sons
4. a son of king Jehoshaphat of Judah put to death by his brother Jehoram
5. Hemanite who took part in the restoration of king Hezekiah
6. a Levite and overseer in the time of Hezekiah
7. a ruler of the temple during the reforms of Josiah
8. father of Obadiah of the sons of Joab in the time of Ezra
9. father of Shechaniah of the sons of Elam in the time of Ezra
10. a son of Elam who put away his foreign wife in the time of Ezra
11. a priest of the sons of Harim who also had to put away his foreign wife in the time of Ezra
Origin: from H2421 and H410
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

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14 occurrences of H3171 יחואל יחיאלo

1 Chronicles 15:18 and Jehiel,
1 Chronicles 15:20 and Jehiel,
1 Chronicles 16:5 and Jehiel,
1 Chronicles 23:8 was Jehiel,
1 Chronicles 27:32 and Jehiel
1 Chronicles 29:8 of Jehiel
2 Chronicles 21:2 and Jehiel,
2 Chronicles 29:14 Jehiel,
2 Chronicles 31:13 And Jehiel,
2 Chronicles 35:8 and Jehiel,
Ezra 8:9 of Jehiel,
Ezra 10:2 of Jehiel,
Ezra 10:21 and Jehiel,
Ezra 10:26 and Jehiel,

Distinct usage

8 and Jehiel,
2 of Jehiel,
1 was Jehiel,
1 and Jehiel
1 of Jehiel
1 Jehiel,