H5128 נוּע - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to waver, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively (as subjoined)

KJV Usage: continually, fugitive, X make to [go] up and down, be gone away, (be) move (-able, -d), be promoted, reel, remove, scatter, set, shake, sift, stagger, to and fro, be vagabond, wag, (make) wander (up and down).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to quiver, totter, shake, reel, stagger, wander, move, sift, make move, wave, waver, tremble
a. (Qal)
1. to wave, quiver, vibrate, swing, stagger, tremble, be unstable
2. to totter, go tottering 1a
b. vagabond (participle)
c. (Niphal) to be tossed about or around
d. (Hiphil)
1. to toss about
2. to shake, cause to totter
3. to shake, disturb
4. to cause to wander
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1328
Parts of Speech: Verb

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First 30 of 36 occurrences of H5128 נוּע

Genesis 4:12 a fugitive
Genesis 4:14 and I shall be a fugitive
Exodus 20:18 it, they trembled,
Numbers 32:13 and he made them wander
Judges 9:9 to be promoted
Judges 9:11 to be promoted
Judges 9:13 to be promoted
1 Samuel 1:13 moved,
2 Samuel 15:20 up and down
2 Kings 19:21 hath shaken
2 Kings 23:18 move
Job 16:4 against you, and shake
Job 28:4 they have gone away
Psalms 22:7 they shake
Psalms 59:11 scatter
Psalms 59:15 Let them wander up and down
Psalms 107:27 and stagger
Psalms 109:10 be continually
Psalms 109:10 vagabonds,
Psalms 109:25 upon me they shook
Proverbs 5:6 are unstable,
Isaiah 6:4 moved
Isaiah 7:2 was moved,
Isaiah 7:2 are moved
Isaiah 19:1 shall be moved
Isaiah 24:20 shall reel
Isaiah 24:20 to and fro
Isaiah 29:9 they stagger,
Isaiah 37:22 hath shaken
Jeremiah 14:10 to wander,

Distinct usage

3 to be promoted
2 hath shaken
1 a fugitive
1 and I shall be a fugitive
1 it, they trembled,
1 and he made them wander
1 moved,
1 up and down
1 move
1 against you, and shake
1 they have gone away
1 they shake
1 scatter
1 Let them wander up and down
1 and stagger
1 be continually
1 vagabonds,
1 upon me they shook
1 are unstable,
1 moved
1 was moved,
1 are moved
1 shall be moved
1 shall reel
1 to and fro
1 they stagger,
1 to wander,
1 and shake
1 They have wandered
1 and wandered,

Corresponding Greek Words

nua G757 archo
nua G1839 ex istemi
nua G1869 ep airo
nua G2827 klino
nua G4579 seio
nua G4867 sun athroizo
nua G5399 phobeo
nua hi.,qal. G2795 kineo
nua ni.,hi. G3039 likmao
nua qal,hi G1287 dia skorpizo
nua qal,hi G3334 meta kineo
nua qal,ni,hi G4531 saleuo