Isaiah 5

  1 H7891 [H8799] Now will I sing H3039 to my wellbeloved H7892 a song H1730 of my beloved H3754 concerning his vineyard H3039 . My wellbeloved H3754 hath a vineyard H1121 H8081 in a very fruitful H7161 hill:
  2 H5823 [H8762] And he dug H5619 [H8762] it, and removed its stones H5193 [H8799] , and planted H8321 it with the choicest vine H1129 [H8799] , and built H4026 a tower H8432 in the midst H2672 [H8804] of it, and also made H3342 a winepress H6960 [H8762] in it: and he expected H6213 [H8800] that it should bring forth H6025 grapes H6213 [H8799] , and it brought forth H891 wild grapes.
  3 H3427 [H8802] And now, O inhabitants H3389 of Jerusalem H376 , and men H3063 of Judah H8199 [H8798] , judge H3754 , I pray you, between me and my vineyard.
  4 H6213 [H8800] What more could have been done H3754 to my vineyard H6213 [H8804] , that I have not done H4069 in it? Why H6960 [H8765] , when I expected H6213 [H8800] that it should bring forth H6025 grapes H6213 [H8799] , brought it forth H891 wild grapes?
  5 H3045 [H8686] And now come; I will tell H6213 [H8802] you what I will do H3754 to my vineyard H5493 [H8687] : I will take away H4881 its hedge H1197 [H8763] , and it shall be eaten up H6555 [H8800] ; and break down H1447 the wall H4823 of it, and it shall be trodden down:
  6 H7896 [H8799] And I will lay H1326 it waste H2168 [H8735] : it shall not be pruned H5737 [H8735] , nor dug H5927 [H8804] ; but there shall come up H8068 briers H7898 and thorns H6680 [H8762] : I will also command H5645 the clouds H4305 [H8687] that they rain H4306 no rain upon it.
  7 H3754 For the vineyard H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H1004 is the house H3478 of Israel H376 , and the men H3063 of Judah H8191 his pleasant H5194 plant H6960 [H8762] : and he looked H4941 for judgment H4939 , but behold oppression H6666 ; for righteousness H6818 , but behold a cry.
  8 H1945 Woe H5060 [H8688] to them that join H1004 house H1004 to house H7126 [H8686] , that lay H7704 field H7704 to field H657 , till there is no H4725 place H3427 [H8717] , that they may be placed H7130 alone in the midst H776 of the earth!
  9 H241 In my ears H3068 said the LORD H6635 of hosts H3808 , Of a truth H7227 many H1004 houses H8047 shall be desolate H1419 , even great H2896 and fair H3427 [H8802] , without inhabitant.
  10 H3588 Yea H6235 , ten H6776 acres H3754 of vineyard H6213 [H8799] shall yield H259 one H1324 bath H2233 , and the seed H2563 of an homer H6213 [H8799] shall yield H374 an ephah.
  11 H1945 Woe H7925 [H8688] to them that rise early H1242 in the morning H7291 [H8799] , that they may follow H7941 strong drink H309 [H8764] ; that continue H5399 until night H3196 , till wine H1814 [H8686] inflames them!
  12 H3658 And the harp H5035 , and the viol H8596 , the tabret H2485 , and pipe H3196 , and wine H4960 , are in their feasts H5027 [H8686] : but they regard H6467 not the work H3068 of the LORD H7200 [H8804] , neither consider H4639 the operation H3027 of his hands.
  13 H5971 Therefore my people H1540 [H8804] have gone into captivity H1847 , because they have no knowledge H3519 : and their honourable H4962 men H7458 are famished H1995 , and their multitude H6704 dried up H6772 with thirst.
  14 H7585 Therefore hell H7337 [H8689] hath enlarged H5315 herself H6473 [H8804] , and opened H6310 her mouth H2706 without measure H1926 : and their glory H1995 , and their multitude H7588 , and their pomp H5938 , and he that rejoiceth H3381 [H8804] , shall descend into it.
  15 H120 And the mean man H7817 [H8735] shall be brought down H376 , and the mighty man H8213 [H8799] shall be humbled H5869 , and the eyes H1364 of the lofty H8213 [H8799] shall be abased:
  16 H3068 But the LORD H6635 of hosts H1361 [H8799] shall be exalted H4941 in judgment H410 , and God H6918 that is holy H6942 [H8738] shall be sanctified H6666 in righteousness.
  17 H3532 Then shall the lambs H7462 [H8804] feed H1699 after their manner H2723 , and the waste places H4220 of the fat ones H1481 [H8802] shall strangers H398 [H8799] eat.
  18 H1945 Woe H4900 [H8802] to them that draw H5771 iniquity H2256 with cords H7723 of vanity H2403 , and sin H5699 as it were with a cart H5688 rope:
  19 H559 [H8802] That say H4116 [H8762] , Let him make speed H2363 [H8686] , and hasten H4639 his work H7200 [H8799] , that we may see H6098 it: and let the counsel H6918 of the Holy One H3478 of Israel H7126 [H8799] draw near H935 [H8799] and come H3045 [H8799] , that we may know it!
  20 H1945 Woe H559 [H8802] to them that call H7451 evil H2896 good H2896 , and good H7451 evil H7760 [H8802] ; that put H2822 darkness H216 for light H216 , and light H2822 for darkness H7760 [H8802] ; that put H4751 bitter H4966 for sweet H4966 , and sweet H4751 for bitter!
  21 H1945 Woe H2450 to them that are wise H5869 in their own eyes H995 [H8737] , and prudent H6440 in their own sight!
  22 H1945 Woe H1368 to them that are mighty H8354 [H8800] to drink H3196 wine H582 , and men H2428 of strength H4537 [H8800] to mix H7941 strong drink:
  23 H6663 [H8688] Who justify H7563 the wicked H6118 for H7810 reward H5493 [H8686] , and take away H6666 the righteousness H6662 of the righteous from him!
  24 H784 Therefore as the fire H398 [H8800] devoureth H7179 the stubble H3956 H3852 , and the flame H7503 [H8799] consumeth H2842 the chaff H8328 , so their root H4716 shall be as rottenness H6525 , and their blossom H5927 [H8799] shall go up H80 as dust H3988 [H8804] : because they have cast away H8451 the law H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H5006 [H8765] , and despised H565 the word H6918 of the Holy One H3478 of Israel.
  25 H639 Therefore is the anger H3068 of the LORD H2734 [H8804] kindled H5971 against his people H5186 [H8799] , and he hath stretched forth H3027 his hand H5221 [H8686] against them, and hath smitten H2022 them: and the hills H7264 [H8799] trembled H5038 , and their dead bodies H5478 were torn H7130 in the midst H2351 of the streets H639 . For all this his anger H7725 [H8804] is not turned away H3027 , but his hand H5186 [H8803] is stretched out still.
  26 H5375 [H8804] And he will lift up H5251 an ensign H1471 to the nations H7350 from afar H8319 [H8804] , and will hiss H7097 to them from the end H776 of the earth H935 [H8799] : and, behold, they shall come H4120 with speed H7031 swiftly:
  27 H5889 None shall be weary H3782 [H8802] nor stumble H5123 [H8799] among them; none shall slumber H3462 [H8799] nor sleep H232 ; neither shall the belt H2504 of their loins H6605 [H8738] be loosed H8288 , nor the latchet H5275 of their shoes H5423 [H8738] be broken:
  28 H2671 Whose arrows H8150 [H8802] are sharp H7198 , and all their bows H1869 [H8803] bent H5483 , their horses H6541 ' hoofs H2803 [H8738] shall be counted H6862 like flint H1534 , and their wheels H5492 like a whirlwind:
  29 H7581 Their roaring H3833 shall be like a lion H7580 H7580 [H8799] , they shall roar H3715 like young lions H5098 [H8799] : yea, they shall roar H270 [H8799] , and lay hold H2964 of the prey H6403 [H8686] , and shall carry it away safe H5337 [H8688] , and none shall deliver it.
  30 H3117 And in that day H5098 [H8799] they shall roar H5100 against them like the roaring H3220 of the sea H5027 [H8765] : and if one looketh H776 to the land H2822 , behold darkness H6862 and sorrow H216 , and the light H2821 [H8804] is darkened H6183 in its heavens.