H1364 גּבוהּ גּבהּ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

גּבוהּ גּבהּ
gâbôhha gâbôhha
gaw-bo'-ah, gaw-bo'-ah
From H1361; elevated (or elated), powerful, arrogant

KJV Usage: haughty, height, high (-er), lofty, proud, X exceeding proudly.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


גּבוהּ גּבהּ

1. high, exalted
a. high, tall
b. high (in position)
c. proud, haughty n m
2. loftiness
Origin: from H1361
TWOT: 305a
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) high, exalted
1a) high, tall
1b) high (in position)
1c) proud, haughty
n m
2) loftiness

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H1364 גּבוהּ גּבהּ

Genesis 7:19 and all the high
Deuteronomy 3:5 with high
Deuteronomy 28:52 until thy high
1 Samuel 2:3 so exceeding
1 Samuel 2:3 proudly;
1 Samuel 9:2 he was taller
1 Samuel 16:7 or on the height
1 Kings 14:23 on every high
2 Kings 17:10 on every high
Esther 5:14 high,
Esther 7:9 high,
Job 41:34 all high
Psalms 104:18 The high
Psalms 138:6 but the proud
Ecclesiastes 5:8 for he that is higher
Ecclesiastes 5:8 than the highest
Ecclesiastes 5:8 and there are higher
Ecclesiastes 12:5 of that which is high,
Isaiah 2:15 And upon every high
Isaiah 5:15 of the lofty
Isaiah 10:33 and the haughty
Isaiah 30:25 And there shall be upon every high
Isaiah 40:9 upon the high
Isaiah 57:7 Upon a lofty
Jeremiah 2:20 when upon every high
Jeremiah 3:6 upon every high
Jeremiah 17:2 upon the high
Jeremiah 51:58 and her high
Ezekiel 17:22 it upon an high
Ezekiel 17:24 the high

Distinct usage

3 high,
2 on every high
2 upon the high
2 the high
1 with high
1 until thy high
1 so exceeding
1 proudly;
1 or on the height
1 of that which is high,
1 And upon every high
1 of the lofty
1 And there shall be upon every high
1 Upon a lofty
1 upon every high
1 high
1 for he that is higher
1 than the highest
1 and there are higher
1 when upon every high
1 and all the high
1 he was taller
1 all high
1 were high;
1 was higher
1 and the higher
1 and against the high
1 but the proud
1 and her high
1 and the haughty
1 it upon an high
1 him that is high.

Corresponding Greek Words

gavoah G5244 huperephanos
gavoah G5308 hupselos
gavoah gavoah G5247 huperoche

Related words


H1361 גּבהּ gâbahh

A primitive root; to soar, that is, be lofty; figuratively to be haughty

KJV Usage: exalt, be haughty, be (make) high (-er), lift up, mount up, be proud, raise up great height, upward.

H1362 גּבהּ gâbâhh
From H1361; lofty (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: high, proud.

H1363 גּבהּ gôbahh
From H1361; elation, grandeur, arrogance

KJV Usage: excellency, haughty, height, high, loftiness, pride.

H1365 גּבהוּת gabhûth
From H1361; pride

KJV Usage: loftiness, lofty.

H3011 יגבּהה yogbe hâh
yogbe hâh
Feminine from H1361; hillock; Jogbehah, a place East of the Jordan

KJV Usage: Jogbehah.