H5699 עגלה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From the same as H5696; something revolving, that is, a wheeled vehicle

KJV Usage: cart, chariot, wagon.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. cart, wagon
Origin: from the same as H5696
TWOT: 1560d
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) cart, wagon

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25 occurrences of H5699 עגלה

Genesis 45:19 for yourselves wagons
Genesis 45:21 them wagons,
Genesis 45:27 the wagons
Genesis 46:5 in the wagons
Numbers 7:3 wagons,
Numbers 7:3 a wagon
Numbers 7:6 the wagons
Numbers 7:7 wagons
Numbers 7:8 wagons
1 Samuel 6:7 cart,
1 Samuel 6:7 to the cart,
1 Samuel 6:8 it upon the cart;
1 Samuel 6:10 them to the cart,
1 Samuel 6:11 upon the cart,
1 Samuel 6:14 And the cart
1 Samuel 6:14 of the cart,
2 Samuel 6:3 cart,
2 Samuel 6:3 cart.
1 Chronicles 13:7 cart
1 Chronicles 13:7 the cart.
Psalms 46:9 the chariot
Isaiah 5:18 as it were with a cart
Isaiah 28:27 neither is a cart
Isaiah 28:28 of his cart,
Amos 2:13 under you, as a cart

Distinct usage

2 the wagons
2 wagons
2 cart,
1 for yourselves wagons
1 them wagons,
1 in the wagons
1 wagons,
1 a wagon
1 to the cart,
1 it upon the cart;
1 them to the cart,
1 upon the cart,
1 And the cart
1 of the cart,
1 cart.
1 cart
1 the cart.
1 the chariot
1 neither is a cart
1 of his cart,
1 under you, as a cart
1 as it were with a cart

Corresponding Greek Words

agalah G2375 thureos

Related words

H5699 עגלה

H5696 עגול עגל ‛âgôl ‛âgôl

עגול עגל
‛âgôl ‛âgôl
aw-gole', aw-gole'
From an unused root meaning to revolve, circular

KJV Usage: round.

H4570 מעגּלה מעגּל ma‛gâl ma‛gâlâh
מעגּלה מעגּל
ma‛gâl ma‛gâlâh
mah-gawl', mah-gaw-law'
From the same as H5696; a track (literally or figuratively); also a rampart (as circular)

KJV Usage: going, path, trench, way([-side]).

H5694 עגיל ‛âgı̂yl
From the same as H5696; something round, that is, a ring (for the ears)

KJV Usage: earring.

H5695 עגל ‛êgel
From the same as H5696; a (male) calf (as frisking round), especially one nearly grown (that is, a steer)

KJV Usage: bullock, calf.