Matthew 15

  1 G5119 Then G5330 Pharisees G2532 and G1122 scribes G4334 came G2424 to Jesus G575 from G2414 Jerusalem, G3004 saying,
  2 G5101 "Why G3845 do G4675 your G3101 disciples G3845 disobey G3862 the tradition G4245 of the elders? G1063 For G3756 they don't G3538 wash G846 their G5495 hands G3752 when G2068 they eat G740 bread."
  3 G1161 He G611 answered G1223 them, G5101 "Why G3845 do G5210 you G2532 also G3845 disobey G1785 the commandment G2316 of God G2316 because G5216 of your G3862 tradition?
  4 G1063 For G2316 God G1781 commanded, G5091 ‘Honor G4675 your G3962 father G2532 and G4675 your G3384 mother,' G2532 and, G2551 ‘He who speaks evil G3962 of father G2228 or G3384 mother, G5053 let him be put G2288 to death.'
  5 G1161 But G5210 you G3004 say, G3739 ‘Whoever G302 may G2036 tell G3962 his father G2228 or G3384 his mother, G3739 "Whatever G5623 help G1437 you might G1537 otherwise have gotten from G1700 me G1437 is a G1435 gift devoted to God,"
  6 G3361 he shall G3756 not G5091 honor G846 his G3962 father G2228 or G3384 mother.' G2532 You G208 have made G1785 the commandment G2316 of God G208 void G1223 because of G3862 your tradition.
  7 G5273 You hypocrites! G2573 Well G4395 did G2268 Isaiah G4395 prophesy G4012 of G5216 you, G3004 saying,
  8 G3778 ‘These G2992 people G1448 draw near G3427 to me G4750 with G846 their G4750 mouth, G2532 and G5091 honor G3165 me G5491 with G5491 their lips; G1161 but G846 their G2588 heart G568 is G4206 far G575 from G1700 me.
  9 G1161 And G3155 in vain G4576 do they worship G3165 me, G1321 teaching G1319 as doctrine G1778 rules G444 made by men.'"
  10 G2532 He G4341 summoned G3793 the multitude, G2036 and said G846 to them, G191 "Hear, G2532 and G4920 understand.
  11 G1525 That which enters G1519 into G4750 the mouth G3756 doesn't G2840 defile G444 the man; G235 but G1607 that which proceeds out G1537 of G4750 the mouth, G5124 this G2840 defiles G444 the man."
  12 G5119 Then G846 the G3101 disciples G4334 came, G2036 and said G846 to him, G1492 "Do you G3754 know that G5330 the Pharisees G4624 were offended, G191 when they heard G3056 this saying?"
  13 G1161 But G611 he answered, G3956 "Every G5451 plant G3739 which G3450 my G3770 heavenly G3962 Father G3756 didn't G5451 plant G1610 will be uprooted.
  14 G846 Leave them G863 alone. G1526 They are G5185 blind G3595 guides G5185 of the blind. G1437 If G5185 the blind G3594 guide G5185 the blind, G297 both G4098 will fall G1519 into G999 a pit."
  15 G4074 Peter G611 answered G846 him, G5419 "Explain G3778 the G3850 parable G2254 to us."
  16 G1161 So G2424 Jesus G2036 said, G2075 "Do G5210 you G2532 also G188 still G801 not understand?
  17 G3768 Don't G3539 you G3539 understand G3754 that G3956 whatever G1531 goes G1519 into the G4750 mouth G5562 passes G1519 into G2836 the belly, G2532 and G1544 then out G1519 of G856 the body?
  18 G1161 But G1607 the things which proceed G1537 out G4750 of the mouth G1831 come out G1537 of G2588 the heart, G2548 and they G2840 defile G444 the man.
  19 G1063 For G1537 out G2588 of the heart G1831 come G4190 forth evil G1261 thoughts, G5408 murders, G3430 adulteries, G4202 sexual G2829 sins, thefts, G5577 false testimony, G988 and blasphemies.
  20 G5023 These G2076 are G2840 the things which defile G444 the man; G1161 but G5315 to eat G5495 with G449 unwashed G5495 hands G3756 doesn't G2840 defile G444 the man."
  21 G2424 Jesus G1831 went G402 out G1564 from there, G2532 and G402 withdrew G1519 into G5184 the region of Tyre G2532 and G4605 Sidon.
  22 G2400 Behold, G5478 a Canaanite G1135 woman G1831 came G575 out G3725 from G1565 those G3725 borders, G2905 and cried, G3004 saying, G1653 "Have mercy G3165 on me, G2962 Lord, G5207 you son G1138 of David! G3450 My G2364 daughter G1139 is G2560 severely G1139 demonized!"
  23 G1161 But G611 he answered G846 her G3756 not G3056 a word. G846 His G3101 disciples G4334 came G2532 and G2065 begged G846 him, G3004 saying, G630 "Send G846 her G630 away; G3754 for G2896 she cries G3693 after G2257 us."
  24 G1161 But G611 he answered, G649 "I G3756 wasn't G649 sent G1487 to G3361 anyone but G1519 the G622 lost G4263 sheep G3624 of the house G2474 of Israel."
  25 G1161 But G2064 she G4352 came and worshiped G846 him, G3004 saying, G2962 "Lord, G997 help G3427 me."
  26 G1161 But G611 he answered, G2036 "It G2076 is G3756 not G2570 appropriate G2983 to take G5043 the children's G740 bread G2532 and G906 throw G2952 it to the dogs."
  27 G1161 But G2036 she said, G3483 "Yes, G2532 Lord, G1063 but G2952 even the dogs G2068 eat G575 the G5589 crumbs G4098 which fall G575 from G846 their G2962 masters' G5132 table."
  28 G5119 Then G2424 Jesus G611 answered G846 her, G1135 "Woman, G3173 great G4675 is your G4102 faith! G1096 Be it G4671 done to you G5613 even as G4671 you G2309 desire." G2532 And G846 her G2364 daughter G2390 was healed G575 from G1565 that G5610 hour.
  29 G2424 Jesus G3327 departed G1564 there, G2532 and G2064 came G3844 near G2281 to the sea G1056 of Galilee; G2532 and G305 he went up G1519 into G3735 the mountain, G2532 and G1563 sat there.
  30 G4183 Great G3793 multitudes G4334 came to G846 him, G2192 having G3326 with G1438 them G5560 the lame, G5185 blind, G2974 mute, G2948 maimed, G2532 and G4183 many G2087 others, G2532 and G4496 they put G846 them G4496 down G3844 at G2424 his G4228 feet. G2323 He healed G846 them,
  31 G5620 so that G3793 the multitude G2296 wondered G991 when they saw G2974 the mute G2980 speaking, G5199 injured whole, G5560 lame G4043 walking, G2532 and G5185 blind G991 seeing- G2532 and G1392 they G1392 glorified G2316 the God G2474 of Israel.
  32 G2424 Jesus G4341 summoned G846 his G3101 disciples G2036 and said, G4697 "I have compassion G1909 on G3793 the multitude, G3754 because G4357 they continue with G3427 me G2235 now G5140 three G2250 days G2532 and G2192 have G3756 nothing G5101 to G5315 eat. G3756 I don't G2309 want G5101 to G630 send G846 them G630 away G3523 fasting, G3379 or they might G1590 faint G1722 on G3598 the way."
  33 G846 The G3101 disciples G3004 said G846 to him, G4159 "Where G2254 should we get G5118 so many G740 loaves G1722 in G2047 a deserted G5620 place as G5526 to satisfy G5118 so great G3793 a multitude?"
  34 G2424 Jesus G3004 said G846 to them, G4214 "How many G740 loaves G2192 do you G1161 have?" They G2036 said, G2033 "Seven, G1161 and G3641 a few G2485 small fish."
  35 G2532 He G2753 commanded G3793 the multitude G377 to sit down G1909 on G1093 the ground;
  36 G2532 and G2983 he took G740 the G2033 seven G740 loaves G2532 and G2486 the fish. G2168 He gave thanks G2806 and broke G2532 them, and G1325 gave G3101 to G846 the G3101 disciples, G1161 and G3101 the disciples G3793 to the multitudes.
  37 G2532 They G3956 all G5315 ate, G2532 and G5526 were filled. G2532 They G142 took up G2033 seven G4711 baskets G4134 full G2801 of the broken G4052 pieces that were left over.
  38 G1161 Those G2068 who ate G2258 were G5070 four thousand G435 men, G5565 besides G1135 women G2532 and G3813 children.
  39 G2532 Then G630 he sent away G3793 the multitudes, G1684 got into G1519 the G4143 boat, G2532 and G2064 came G1519 into G3725 the borders G3093 of Magdala.