Jeremiah 22

  1 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord; H3381 Go down H1004 to the house H4428 of the king H3063 of Judah, H1696 and speak H1697 there this word,
  2 H559 And say, H8085 Hear H1697 the word H3068 of the Lord, H4428 O king H3063 of Judah, H3427 that sit H3678 upon the throne H1732 of David, H5650 you, and your servants, H5971 and your people H935 that enter H8179 in by these gates:
  3 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord; H6213 Execute H4941 judgment H6666 and righteousness, H5337 and deliver H1497 the spoiled H3027 out of the hand H6216 of the oppressor: H3238 and do no wrong, H2554 do no violence H1616 to the stranger, H3490 the fatherless, H490 nor the widow, H8210 neither shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood H4725 in this place.
  4 H6213 For if you do H1697 this thing H6213 indeed, H935 then shall there enter in H8179 by the gates H1004 of this house H4428 kings H3427 sitting H3678 upon the throne H1732 of David, H7392 riding H7393 in chariots H5483 and on horses, H5650 he, and his servants, H5971 and his people.
  5 H8085 But if you will not hear H1697 these words, H7650 I swear H5002 by myself, says H3068 the Lord, H1004 that this house H2723 shall become a desolation.
  6 H559 For thus says H3068 the Lord H4428 unto the king's H1004 house H3063 of Judah; H1568 You are Gilead H7218 unto me, and the head H3844 of Lebanon: H7896 yet surely I will make H4057 you a wilderness, H5892 and cities H3427 which are not inhabited.
  7 H6942 And I will prepare H7843 destroyers H376 against you, every one H3627 with his weapons: H3772 and they shall cut down H4005 your choice H730 cedars, H5307 and cast H784 them into the fire.
  8 H7227 And many H1471 nations H5674 shall pass H5892 by this city, H559 and they shall say H376 every man H7453 to his neighbor, H3068 Therefore has the Lord H6213 done H1419 thus unto this great H5892 city?
  9 H559 Then they shall answer, H5800 Because they have forsaken H1285 the covenant H3068 of the Lord H430 their God, H7812 and worshiped H312 other H430 gods, H5647 and served them.
  10 H1058 Weep H4191 you not for the dead, H5110 neither bemoan H1058 him: but weep H1058 severe H1980 for him that goes away: H7725 for he shall return H7200 no more, nor see H4138 his native H776 country.
  11 H559 For thus says H3068 the Lord H413 touching H7967 Shallum H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H4427 which reigned H2977 instead of Josiah H1 his father, H3318 which went forth H4725 out of this place; H7725 He shall not return there any more:
  12 H4191 But he shall die H4725 in the place H1540 where they have led him captive, H7200 and shall see H776 this land no more.
  13 H1945 Woe H1129 unto him that builds H1004 his house H3808 by H6664 unrighteousness, H5944 and his chambers H4941 by wrong; H7453 that uses his neighbors H5647 service H2600 without wages, H5414 and gives H6467 him not for his work;
  14 H559 That says, H1129 I will build H4060 me a wide H1004 house H7304 and large H5944 chambers, H7167 and cuts out H2474 windows; H5603 and it is made a ceiling H730 with cedar, H4886 and painted H8350 with vermilion.
  15 H4427 Shall you reign, H8474 because you close H730 yourself in cedar? H1 did not your father H398 eat H8354 and drink, H6213 and do H4941 judgment H6666 and justice, H2896 and then it was well with him?
  16 H1777 He judged H1779 the cause H6041 of the poor H34 and needy; H2896 then it was well H1847 with him: was not this to know H5002 me? says H3068 the Lord.
  17 H5869 But your eyes H3820 and your heart H1215 are not but for your covetousness, H8210 and for to shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood, H6233 and for oppression, H4835 and for violence, H6213 to do it.
  18 H559 Therefore thus says H3068 the Lord H3079 concerning Jehoiakim H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah H4428 king H3063 of Judah; H5594 They shall not lament H1945 for him, saying, Ah H251 my brother! H1945 or, Ah H269 sister! H5594 they shall not lament H1945 for him, saying, Ah H113 lord! H1945 or, Ah H1935 his glory!
  19 H6912 He shall be buried H6900 with the burial H2543 of a donkey, H5498 drawn H7993 and cast forth H1973 beyond H8179 the gates H3389 of Jerusalem.
  20 H5927 Go up H3844 to Lebanon, H6817 and cry; H5414 and lift up H6963 your voice H1316 in Bashan, H6817 and cry H5676 from the passages: H157 for all your lovers H7665 are destroyed.
  21 H1696 I spoke H7962 unto you in your prosperity; H559 but you said, H8085 I will not hear. H1870 This has been your manner H5271 from your youth, H8085 that you obeyed H6963 not my voice.
  22 H7307 The wind H7462 shall eat up H7462 all your pastors, H157 and your lovers H3212 shall go H7628 into captivity: H954 surely then shall you be ashamed H3637 and confounded H7451 for all your wickedness.
  23 H3427 O inhabitant H3844 of Lebanon, H7077 that make your nest H730 in the cedars, H2603 how gracious H2256 shall you be when pangs H935 come H2427 upon you, the pain H3205 as of a woman in hardship!
  24 H2416 As I live, H5002 says H3068 the Lord, H3659 though Coniah H1121 the son H3079 of Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H2368 were the signet H3225 upon my right H3027 hand, H5423 yet would I pluck you there;
  25 H5414 And I will give H3027 you into the hand H1245 of them that seek H5315 your life, H3027 and into the hand H6440 of them whose face H3016 you fear, H3027 even into the hand H5019 of Nebuchadrezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon, H3027 and into the hand H3778 of the Chaldeans.
  26 H2904 And I will cast you out, H517 and your mother H3205 that bore H312 you, into another H776 country, H3205 where you were not born; H4191 and there shall you die.
  27 H776 But to the land H5375 where they desire H7725 to return, H7725 there shall they not return.
  28 H376 Is this man H3659 Coniah H959 a despised H5310 broken H6089 idol? H3627 is he a vessel H2656 where is no pleasure? H7993 therefore are they cast out, H2233 he and his seed, H2904 and are cast H776 into a land H3045 which they know not?
  29 H776 O earth, H776 earth, H776 earth, H8085 hear H1697 the word H3068 of the Lord.
  30 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord, H3789 Write H376 this man H6185 childless, H1397 a man H6743 that shall not prosper H3117 in his days: H376 for no man H2233 of his seed H6743 shall prosper, H3427 sitting H3678 upon the throne H1732 of David, H4910 and ruling H3063 any more in Judah.