H7628 שׁבי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

she bı̂y
From H7618; exiled; captured; as noun, exile (abstractly or concretely and collectively); by extension booty

KJV Usage: captive (-ity), prisoners, X take away, that was taken.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


n m
1. captivity, captives
a. (state of) captivity
b. (act of) capture
c. captives n f
2. captive
Origin: from H7618
TWOT: 2311a
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 49 occurrences of H7628 שׁבי

Exodus 12:29 of the captive
Numbers 21:1 some of them prisoners.
Numbers 31:12 the captives,
Numbers 31:19 both yourselves and your captives
Numbers 31:26 that was taken,
Deuteronomy 21:10 them captive,
Deuteronomy 21:13 of her captivity,
Deuteronomy 28:41 into captivity.
Judges 5:12 and lead thy captivity
2 Chronicles 6:37 of their captivity,
2 Chronicles 6:38 of their captivity,
2 Chronicles 28:17 captives.
2 Chronicles 29:9 are in captivity
Ezra 2:1 from the captivity,
Ezra 3:8 of the captivity
Ezra 8:35 of the captivity,
Ezra 9:7 to captivity,
Nehemiah 1:2 of the captivity,
Nehemiah 1:3 of the captivity
Nehemiah 7:6 out of the captivity,
Nehemiah 8:17 from the captivity
Psalms 68:18 thou hast led captivity
Psalms 78:61 into captivity,
Isaiah 20:4 prisoners,
Isaiah 46:2 into captivity.
Isaiah 49:24 captive
Isaiah 49:25 Even the captives
Isaiah 52:2 O captive
Jeremiah 15:2 and such as are for the captivity,
Jeremiah 15:2 to the captivity.

Distinct usage

6 into captivity.
3 into captivity:
2 of the captivity
2 of the captivity,
2 of their captivity,
2 into captivity
2 of their captivity;
1 of the captive
1 some of them prisoners.
1 both yourselves and your captives
1 of her captivity,
1 and lead thy captivity
1 captives.
1 are in captivity
1 thou hast led captivity
1 captive
1 O captive
1 and such as are for the captivity,
1 to the captivity.
1 and such as are for captivity
1 to captivity;
1 captives,
1 captives
1 by captivity,
1 and have taken away
1 the captives
1 that was taken,
1 the captives,
1 from the captivity,
1 out of the captivity,
1 from the captivity
1 Even the captives
1 prisoners,
1 them captive,
1 to captivity,
1 into captivity,
1 into captivity;

Corresponding Greek Words

shevi G161 aichmalosia

Related words


H7633 שׁביה shibyâh
Feminine of H7628; exile (abstractly or concretely and collectively)

KJV Usage: captives (-ity).

H7618 שׁבוּ she bû

she bû
From an unused root (probably identical with that of H7617 through the idea of subdivision into flashes or streamers (compare H7632)) meaning to flame; a gem (from its sparkle), probably the agate

KJV Usage: agate.