Isaiah 29

  1 H1945 Woe H740 to Ariel, H740 to Ariel, H7151 the city H1732 where David H2583 [H8804] dwelt! H5595 [H8798] add H8141 ye year H8141 to year; H5362 [H8799] let them kill H2282 sacrifices.
  2 H6693 [H8689] Yet I will distress H740 Ariel, H8386 and there shall be heaviness H592 and sorrow: H740 and it shall be to me as Ariel.
  3 H2583 [H8804] And I will encamp H1754 against thee all around, H6696 [H8804] and will lay siege H4674 against thee with a mound, H6965 [H8689] and I will raise H4694 forts against thee.
  4 H8213 [H8804] And thou shalt be brought down, H1696 [H8762] and shalt speak H776 out of the earth, H565 and thy speech H7817 [H8735] shall be low H6083 out of the dust, H6963 and thy voice H178 shall be, like a medium, H776 out of the earth, H565 and thy speech H6850 [H8770] shall whisper H6083 out of the dust.
  5 H1995 Moreover the multitude H2114 [H8801] of thy strangers H1851 shall be like small H80 dust, H1995 and the multitude H6184 of the terrible ones H4671 shall be as chaff H5674 [H8802] that passeth away: H6621 yea, it shall be at an instant H6597 suddenly.
  6 H6485 [H8735] Thou shalt be visited H3068 by the LORD H6635 of hosts H7482 with thunder, H7494 and with earthquake, H1419 and great H6963 noise, H5492 with storm H5591 and tempest, H3851 and the flame H398 [H8802] of devouring H784 fire.
  7 H1995 And the multitude H1471 of all the nations H6633 [H8802] that fight H740 against Ariel, H6638 [H8802] even all that fight H4685 against her and her strong hold, H6693 [H8688] and that distress H2472 her, shall be as a dream H3915 of a night H2377 vision.
  8 H7457 It shall even be as when an hungry H2492 [H8799] man dreameth, H398 [H8802] and, behold, he eateth; H6974 [H8689] but he awaketh, H5315 and his breath H7386 is empty: H834 or as when H6771 a thirsty man H2492 [H8799] dreameth, H8354 [H8802] and, behold, he drinketh; H6974 [H8689] but he awaketh, H5889 and, behold, he is faint, H5315 and his breath H8264 [H8802] hath appetite: H1995 so shall the multitude H1471 of all the nations H6633 [H8802] be, that fight H2022 against mount H6726 Zion.
  9 H4102 [H8697] Stay H8539 [H8798] yourselves, and wonder; H8173 [H8697] blind yourselves, H8173 [H8798] and be blind: H7937 [H8804] they are drunk, H3196 but not with wine; H5128 [H8804] they stagger, H7941 but not with strong drink.
  10 H3068 For the LORD H5258 [H8804] hath poured out H7307 upon you the spirit H8639 of deep sleep, H6105 [H8762] and hath closed H5869 your eyes: H5030 the prophets H7218 and your rulers, H2374 the envisioners H3680 [H8765] hath he covered.
  11 H2380 And the vision H1697 of all is become to you as the words H5612 of a book H2856 [H8803] that is sealed, H5414 [H8799] which men give H3045 [H8802] to one that is learned, H559 [H8800] saying, H7121 [H8798] Read H559 [H8804] this, I pray thee: and he saith, H3201 [H8799] I cannot; H2856 [H8803] for it is sealed:
  12 H5612 And the book H5414 [H8738] is given H3045 H5612 [H8804] to him that is not learned, H559 [H8800] saying, H7121 [H8798] Read H559 [H8804] this, I pray thee: and he saith, H3045 [H8804] I am not learned.
  13 H136 Therefore the Sovereign H559 [H8799] said, H3282 Forasmuch H5971 as this people H5066 [H8738] draw near H6310 me with their mouth, H8193 and with their lips H3513 [H8765] do honour H7368 0 me, but have removed H3820 their heart H7368 [H8765] far H3374 from me, and their fear H3925 [H8794] toward me is taught H4687 by the precept H582 of men:
  14 H3254 [H8802] Therefore, behold, I will proceed H6381 [H8687] to do a marvellous work H5971 among this people, H6381 [H8687] even a marvellous work H6382 and a wonder: H2451 for the wisdom H2450 of their wise H6 [H8804] men shall perish, H998 and the understanding H995 [H8737] of their prudent H5641 [H8691] men shall be hid.
  15 H1945 Woe H6009 [H8688] to them that seek deep H5641 [H8687] to hide H6098 their counsel H3068 from the LORD, H4639 and their works H4285 are in the dark, H559 [H8799] and they say, H7200 [H8802] Who seeth H3045 [H8802] us? and who knoweth us?
  16 H2017 [H8800] Surely your turning of things upside down H2803 [H8735] shall be esteemed H3335 [H8802] as the potter's H2563 clay: H4639 for shall the work H559 [H8799] say H6213 [H8802] of him that made H6213 [H8804] it, He made H3336 me not? or shall the thing formed H559 [H8804] say H3335 [H8802] of him that formed H995 [H8689] it, He had no understanding?
  17 H4213 Is it not yet a very H4592 little while, H3844 and Lebanon H7725 [H8804] shall be turned H3759 into a fruitful field, H3759 and the fruitful field H2803 [H8735] shall be esteemed H3293 as a forest?
  18 H3117 And in that day H2795 shall the deaf H8085 [H8804] hear H1697 the words H5612 of the book, H5869 and the eyes H5787 of the blind H7200 [H8799] shall see H652 out of dusk, H2822 and out of darkness.
  19 H6035 The meek H3254 [H8804] also shall increase H8057 their joy H3068 in the LORD, H34 and the poor H120 among men H1523 [H8799] shall rejoice H6918 in the Holy One H3478 of Israel.
  20 H6184 For the terrible one H656 [H8804] is brought to nought, H3887 [H8801] and the mocker H3615 [H8804] is consumed, H8245 [H8802] and all that watch H205 for nothingness H3772 [H8738] are cut off:
  21 H120 That make a man H2398 [H8688] an offender H1697 for a word, H6983 [H8799] and lay a snare H3198 [H8688] for him that reproveth H8179 in the gate, H5186 [H8686] and turn aside H6662 the just H8414 for a thing of nought.
  22 H3651 Therefore H3541 thus H559 [H8804] saith H3068 the LORD, H834 who H6299 [H8804] ransomed H85 Abraham, H413 concerning H1004 the house H3290 of Jacob, H3290 Jacob H3808 shall not H6258 now H954 [H8799] be pale, H9002 and H3808 neither H9023 shall his H6440 face H6258 now H2357 [H8799] whiten.
  23 H7200 [H8800] But when he seeth H3206 his children, H4639 the work H3027 of my hands, H7130 in the midst H6942 [H8686] of him, they shall sanctify H8034 my name, H6942 [H8689] and sanctify H6918 the Holy One H3290 of Jacob, H6206 [H8686] and shall fear H430 the God H3478 of Israel.
  24 H8582 [H8802] They also that erred H7307 in spirit H3045 [H8804] shall come H998 to understanding, H7279 [H8803] and they that murmured H3925 [H8799] shall learn H3948 doctrine.