H4685 מצדה מצודה מצוד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מצדה מצודה מצוד
mâtsôd me tsôdâh me tsôdâh
maw-tsode', mets-o-daw', mets-o-daw'
From H6679; a net (for capturing animals or fishes); also (by interchange for H4679) a fastness or (besieging) tower

KJV Usage: bulwark, hold, munition, net, snare.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

מצדה מצודה מצוד
n m
1. siege-works, bulwark
2. hunting implement, net n f
3. net
4. fastness, stronghold
Origin: from H6679
TWOT: 1885d,1885e
Parts of Speech:

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6 occurrences of H4685 מצדה מצודה מצוד

Proverbs 12:12
Ecclesiastes 7:26
Ecclesiastes 9:12
Ecclesiastes 9:14
Isaiah 29:7
Ezekiel 19:9

Corresponding Greek Words

matsod G5482 charax
metsodah G293 amphiblestron
metsodah G5438 phulake