H2472 חלם חלום - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

חלם חלום
chălôm chălôm
khal-ome', khal-ome'
From H2492; a dream

KJV Usage: dream (-er).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


חלם חלום

1. dream
a. dream (ordinary)
b. dream (with prophetic meaning)
Origin: from H2492
TWOT: 663a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) dream
1a) dream (ordinary)
1b) dream (with prophetic meaning)

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First 30 of 65 occurrences of H2472 חלם חלום

Genesis 20:3 in a dream
Genesis 20:6 to him in a dream,
Genesis 31:10 in a dream,
Genesis 31:11 to me in a dream,
Genesis 31:24 in a dream
Genesis 37:5 a dream,
Genesis 37:6 I pray you, this dream
Genesis 37:8 for his dreams,
Genesis 37:9 dream,
Genesis 37:9 a dream
Genesis 37:10 to him, What is this dream
Genesis 37:19 dreamer
Genesis 37:20 what will become of his dreams.
Genesis 40:5 a dream
Genesis 40:5 his dream
Genesis 40:5 of his dream,
Genesis 40:8 a dream,
Genesis 40:9 his dream
Genesis 40:9 to him, In my dream,
Genesis 40:16 was in my dream,
Genesis 41:7 and, behold, it was a dream.
Genesis 41:8 them his dream;
Genesis 41:11 a dream
Genesis 41:11 of his dream.
Genesis 41:12 to us our dreams;
Genesis 41:12 according to his dream
Genesis 41:15 a dream,
Genesis 41:15 a dream
Genesis 41:17 In my dream,
Genesis 41:22 in my dream,

Distinct usage

5 a dream,
5 a dream
3 in a dream
3 dreams,
2 in a dream,
2 his dream
2 In my dream,
2 The dream
2 of dreams,
2 and, behold, it was a dream.
1 to him in a dream,
1 I pray you, this dream
1 for his dreams,
1 dreamer
1 of his dream,
1 was in my dream,
1 them his dream;
1 of his dream.
1 to us our dreams;
1 according to his dream
1 And for that the dream
1 the dreams
1 to him in a dream.
1 him not, neither by dreams,
1 nor by dreams:
1 me with dreams,
1 as a dream,
1 her, shall be as a dream
1 by their dreams
1 that hath a dream,
1 a dream;
1 nor to your dreamers,
1 to your dreams
1 and dreams.
1 the dream.
1 what will become of his dreams.
1 of dreams:
1 to me in a dream,
1 For a dream
1 of dreams
1 to him, What is this dream
1 dream,
1 his dreams.
1 to him, In my dream,
1 dreams;
1 of the dream,
1 As a dream

Corresponding Greek Words

chalom G1798 enupnion
chalom G3705 horama
chalom G5258 hupnos

Related words


H2492 חלם châlam

A primitive root; properly to bind firmly, that is, (by implication) to be (causatively to make) plump; also (through the figurative sense of dumbness) to dream

KJV Usage: (cause to) dream (-er), be in good liking, recover.

H306 אחלמה 'achlâmâh
Perhaps from H2492 (and thus dream stone); a gem, probably the amethyst

KJV Usage: amethyst.

H2493 חלם chêlem
(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H2492; a dream

KJV Usage: dream.

H2494 חלם chêlem
From H2492; a dream; Chelem, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Helem.

Compare H2469.

H2495 חלּמוּת challâmûth
From H2492 (in the sense of insipidity); probably purslain

KJV Usage: egg.

H2496 חלּמישׁ challâmı̂ysh
Probably from H2492 (in the sense of hardness); flint

KJV Usage: flint (-y), rock.

H5161 נחלמי nechĕlâmı̂y
Apparently a patronymic from an unused name (apparently passive participle of H2492); dreamed; a Nechelamite, or descendant of Nechlam

KJV Usage: Nehelamite.