Numbers 33

  1 H4550 These are the journeys H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H3318 , which went forth [H8804]   H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H6635 with their armies H3027 under the hand H4872 of Moses H175 and Aaron.
  2 H4872 And Moses H3789 wrote [H8799]   H4161 their goings out H4550 according to their journeys H6310 by the commandment H3068 of the LORD H4550 : and these are their journeys H4161 according to their goings out.
  3 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H7486 from Rameses H7223 in the first H2320 month H6240 , on the fifteenth H2568   H3117 day H7223 of the first H2320 month H4283 ; on the morrow H6453 after the passover H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H3318 went out [H8804]   H7311 with an high [H8802]   H3027 hand H5869 in the sight H4714 of all the Egyptians.
  4 H4714 For the Egyptians H6912 buried [H8764]   H1060 all their firstborn H3068 , which the LORD H5221 had smitten [H8689]   H430 among them: upon their gods H3068 also the LORD H6213 executed [H8804]   H8201 judgments.
  5 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel H5265 removed [H8799]   H7486 from Rameses H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H5523 in Succoth.
  6 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H5523 from Succoth H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H864 in Etham H7097 , which is in the edge H4057 of the wilderness.
  7 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H864 from Etham H7725 , and turned again [H8799]   H6367 unto Pihahiroth H1189 , which is before Baalzephon H2583 : and they pitched [H8799]   H6440 before H4024 Migdol.
  8 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H6440 from before H6367 Pihahiroth H5674 , and passed through [H8799]   H8432 the midst H3220 of the sea H4057 into the wilderness H3212 , and went [H8799]   H7969 three H3117 days H1870 ' journey H4057 in the wilderness H864 of Etham H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H4785 in Marah.
  9 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H4785 from Marah H935 , and came [H8799]   H362 unto Elim H362 : and in Elim H8147 were twelve H6240   H5869 fountains H4325 of water H7657 , and threescore and ten H8558 palm trees H2583 ; and they pitched [H8799]   there.
  10 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H362 from Elim H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H5488 by the Red H3220 sea.
  11 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H5488 from the Red H3220 sea H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H4057 in the wilderness H5512 of Sin.
  12 H5265 And they took their journey [H8799]   H4057 out of the wilderness H5512 of Sin H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H1850 in Dophkah.
  13 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H1850 from Dophkah H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H442 in Alush.
  14 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H442 from Alush H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H7508 at Rephidim H4325 , where was no water H5971 for the people H8354 to drink [H8800]  .
  15 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H7508 from Rephidim H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H4057 in the wilderness H5514 of Sinai.
  16 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H4057 from the desert H5514 of Sinai H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H6914 at Kibrothhattaavah.
  17 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H6914 from Kibrothhattaavah H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H2698 at Hazeroth.
  18 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H2698 from Hazeroth H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H7575 in Rithmah.
  19 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H7575 from Rithmah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H7428 at Rimmonparez.
  20 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H7428 from Rimmonparez H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H3841 in Libnah.
  21 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H3841 from Libnah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H7446 at Rissah.
  22 H5265 And they journeyed [H8799]   H7446 from Rissah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H6954 in Kehelathah.
  23 H5265 And they went [H8799]   H6954 from Kehelathah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H2022 in mount H8234 Shapher.
  24 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H2022 from mount H8234 Shapher H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H2732 in Haradah.
  25 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H2732 from Haradah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H4722 in Makheloth.
  26 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H4722 from Makheloth H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H8480 at Tahath.
  27 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H8480 from Tahath H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H8646 at Tarah.
  28 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H8646 from Tarah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H4989 in Mithcah.
  29 H5265 And they went [H8799]   H4989 from Mithcah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H2832 in Hashmonah.
  30 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H2832 from Hashmonah H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H4149 at Moseroth.
  31 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H4149 from Moseroth H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H1142 in Benejaakan.
  32 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H1142 from Benejaakan H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H2735 at Horhagidgad.
  33 H5265 And they went [H8799]   H2735 from Horhagidgad H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H3193 in Jotbathah.
  34 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H3193 from Jotbathah H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H5684 at Ebronah.
  35 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H5684 from Ebronah H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H6100 at Eziongaber.
  36 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H6100 from Eziongaber H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H4057 in the wilderness H6790 of Zin H6946 , which is Kadesh.
  37 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H6946 from Kadesh H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H2022 in mount H2023 Hor H7097 , in the edge H776 of the land H123 of Edom.
  38 H175 And Aaron H3548 the priest H5927 went up [H8799]   H2022 into mount H2023 Hor H6310 at the commandment H3068 of the LORD H4191 , and died [H8799]   H705 there, in the fortieth H8141 year H1121 after the children H3478 of Israel H3318 were come out [H8800]   H776 of the land H4714 of Egypt H259 , in the first H2549 day of the fifth H2320 month.
  39 H175 And Aaron H3967 was an hundred H6242 and twenty H7969 and three H8141 years H1121 old H4194 when he died H2022 in mount H2023 Hor.
  40 H4428 And king H6166 Arad H3669 the Canaanite H3427 , which dwelt [H8802]   H5045 in the south H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan H8085 , heard [H8799]   H935 of the coming [H8800]   H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel.
  41 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H2022 from mount H2023 Hor H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H6758 in Zalmonah.
  42 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H6758 from Zalmonah H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H6325 in Punon.
  43 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H6325 from Punon H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H88 in Oboth.
  44 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H88 from Oboth H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H5863 in Ijeabarim H1366 , in the border H4124 of Moab.
  45 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H5864 from Iim H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H1769 in Dibongad.
  46 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H1769 from Dibongad H2583 , and encamped [H8799]   H5963 in Almondiblathaim.
  47 H5265 And they removed [H8799]   H5963 from Almondiblathaim H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H2022 in the mountains H5682 of Abarim H6440 , before H5015 Nebo.
  48 H5265 And they departed [H8799]   H2022 from the mountains H5682 of Abarim H2583 , and pitched [H8799]   H6160 in the plains H4124 of Moab H3383 by Jordan H3405 near Jericho.
  49 H2583 And they pitched [H8799]   H3383 by Jordan H1020 , from Bethjesimoth H63 even unto Abelshittim H6160 in the plains H4124 of Moab.
  50 H3068 And the LORD H1696 spake [H8762]   H4872 unto Moses H6160 in the plains H4124 of Moab H3383 by Jordan H3405 near Jericho H559 , saying [H8800]  ,
  51 H1696 Speak [H8761]   H1121 unto the children H3478 of Israel H559 , and say [H8804]   H5674 unto them, When ye are passed over [H8802]   H3383 Jordan H776 into the land H3667 of Canaan;
  52 H3423 Then ye shall drive out [H8689]   H3427 all the inhabitants [H8802]   H776 of the land H6440 from before H6 you, and destroy [H8765]   H4906 all their pictures H6 , and destroy [H8762]   H4541 all their molten H6754 images H8045 , and quite pluck down [H8686]   H1116 all their high places:
  53 H3423 And ye shall dispossess [H8689]   H776 the inhabitants of the land H3427 , and dwell [H8804]   H5414 therein: for I have given [H8804]   H776 you the land H3423 to possess [H8800]   it.
  54 H5157 And ye shall divide H776 the land H1486 by lot H5157 for an inheritance [H8694]   H4940 among your families H7227 : and to the more H7235 ye shall give the more [H8686]   H5159 inheritance H4592 , and to the fewer H4591 ye shall give the less [H8686]   H5159 inheritance H1486 : every man's inheritance shall be in the place where his lot H3318 falleth [H8799]   H4294 ; according to the tribes H1 of your fathers H5157 ye shall inherit [H8691]  .
  55 H3423 But if ye will not drive out [H8686]   H3427 the inhabitants [H8802]   H776 of the land H6440 from before H3498 you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain [H8686]   H7899 of them shall be pricks H5869 in your eyes H6796 , and thorns H6654 in your sides H6887 , and shall vex [H8804]   H776 you in the land H3427 wherein ye dwell [H8802]  .
  56 H6213 Moreover it shall come to pass, that I shall do [H8799]   H1819 unto you, as I thought [H8765]   H6213 to do [H8800]   unto them.