Numbers 33

Great(i) 1 These are the iourneies of the children of Israel, which went out of the lande of Egipt with their armyes vnder the hande of Moses and Aaron. 2 And Moses wrote their goinge out by their iourneyes, accordyng to the commaundement of the Lord: euen these are the iourneyes of their goynge out. 3 They departed from Rahemses the .xv. daye of the fyrst moneth, on the morowe after Passeouer: and the children of Israel went out with an hye hande in the syght of all the Egipcyans. 4 For the Egipcyans buryed all their fyrst borne which the Lorde had smyten amonge them. And vpon theyr goddes also the Lorde dyd execucion. 5 And the children of Israel remoued from Rahemses, and pitched in Socoth. 6 And they departed from Socoth, and pitched theyr tentes in Ethan, which is in the edge of the wildernesse. 7 And they remoued from Ethan, and turned againe vnto Pi Hiroth which is before Baal zephon: and pitched before Migdol. 8 And they departed from the playne of Hiroth: and went thorowe the myddes of the see in the wildernes, and went .iij. dayes iorney in the wildernes of Ethan, and pitched in Marah. 9 And they remoued from Marah, and came vnto Elim, where were twelue fountaynes of water, and .lxx. paulmetrees, and they pitched there. 10 And they remoued from Elim, and laye fast by the red see. 11 And they remoued from the red see, and laye in the wildernes of Sin. 12 And they toke their iorneye out of the wyldernesse of Sin, and set vp theyr tentes in Daphka. 13 And they departed from Daphka, and laye in Alus. 14 And they remoued from Alus, and laye at Raphedim, where was no water for the people to drynke. 15 And they departed from Raphedim, and pitched in the wildernes of Sinai. 16 And they remoued from the desert of Sinai, and pitched at the graues of lust. 17 And they departed from the sepulchres of lust, and laye at Hazeroth. 18 And they departed from Hazeroth, and pitched in Rithma. 19 And departed from Rithma, and pitched at Rimon Parez. 20 And they departed from Rimon parez, and pitched in Libna. 21 And they remoued from Libna, and pitched at Risa. 22 And they iourneied from Risa, and pitched in Rehelatha. 23 And they went from Rehelatha, and pitched in mount Sapher. 24 And they remoued from mount Sapher, and laye in Harada. 25 And they remoued from Harada, and pitched in Makeheloth. 26 And they remoued from Makeheloth, and laye at Tahath. 27 And they departed from Tahath, and pitched at Tharath. 28 And they remoued from Tharath, & pitched in Mithca. 29 And they went from Mithca, and pitched in Hasmona. 30 And they departed from Hasmona, and laye at Moseroth. 31 And they departed from Moseroth, and pitched in Bane Iakan. 32 And they remoued from Bane Iakan, and laye at Horgadgad. 33 And they went from Horgadgad, and pitched in Iathbatha. 34 And they remoued from Iathbatha, and laye at Abrona. 35 And they departed from Abrona, and laye at Ezeon gaber. 36 And they remoued from Ezeon gaber, and pitched in the wyldernesse of Sin, whych is Cades. 37 And they remoued from Cades, and pitched in mounte Hor, whiche is in the edge of the lande of Edom. 38 And Aaron the preast went vp into mount Hor at the commaundement of the Lorde, and dyed there, euen in the fourtyth yere, after the chyldren of Israel were come out of the lande of Egypte, and in the fyrst daye of the fyfth moneth. 39 And Aaron was an hundred and .xxiij. yere olde when he died in mount Hor. 40 And king Erad the Canaanite, which dwelte in the south of the lande of Canaan, hearde of the comming of the chyldren of Israel. 41 And they departed from mounte Hor, and pitched in Zalmona. 42 And they departed from Zalmona, and pitched in Phunun. 43 And they departed from Phunun, and pitched in Oboth. 44 And they departed from Oboth, and pitched in Iehabarim, and towarde the border of Moab. 45 And they departed from Iehabarim, and pitched in Dibon Gad. 46 And they remoued from Dibon Gad, and laye in Almon Diblathaim. 47 And they remoued from Almon Diblathaim, and pitched in the mountaynes of Abarim before Nabo. 48 And they departed from the mountaynes of Abarim, and pitched in the feldes of Moab, fast by Iordan oueragainst Iericho. 49 And they pitched by Iordan, from Beth Haiesmoth vnto the playne of Sittim in the feldes of Moab. 50 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses in the feldes of Moab by Iordan oueragainst Iericho, saying: 51 speake vnto the children of Israel, and say vnto them: when ye are come ouer Iordan to entre into the lande of Canaan, 52 ye shall dryue out all the inhabiters of the lande before you, and destroye all their pictures, and breake asunder all their ymages of metall, and plucke downe all theyr aulters. 53 And possesse the lande & dwell therin, for I haue geuen you the lande to enioye it. 54 And ye shall deuyde the enheritaunce of the land by lot amonge your kynredes, and geue to the mo the more enheritaunce, and to the fewer the lesse enheritaunce. And youre enheritaunce shalbe in the trybes of your fathers, euery mans enheritaunce in the place where his lot faleth. 55 But and yf ye wyll not dryue oute the inhabiters of the lande before you, than those which ye let remayne of them, shalbe prickes in youre eyes, and dartes in your sydes, and shall vexe you in the lande wherin ye dwell. 56 Moreouer, it will come to passe, that I shall do vnto you, as I thought to do vnto them.