H4161 מצא מוצא - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מצא מוצא
môtsâ' môtsâ'
mo-tsaw', mo-tsaw'
From H3318; a going forth, that is, (the act) an egress, or (the place) an exit; hence a source or product; specifically dawn, the rising of the sun (the East), exportation, utterance, a gate, a fountain, a mine, a meadow (as producing grass)

KJV Usage: brought out, bud, that which came out, east, going forth, goings out, that which (thing that) is gone out, outgoing, proceeded out, spring, vein, [water-] course [springs].

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

מצא מוצא

1. act or place of going out or forth, issue, export, source, spring
a. a going forth
1. rising (sun), going forth of a command
2. goings forth, those going forth
3. way out, exit
b. that which goes forth
1. utterance
2. export
c. place of going forth
1. source or spring (of water)
2. place of departure
3. east (of sun)
4. mine (of silver)
Origin: from H3318
TWOT: 893c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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26 occurrences of H4161 מצא מוצא

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Corresponding Greek Words

otsa G1841 ex odos
motsa G4197 poreia
motsa G5117 topos
motsa mayim G4077 pege