H6631 צאצא - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3318; issue, that is, produce, children

KJV Usage: that which cometh forth (out), offspring.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. offspring, produce, issue
a. offspring (of men)
b. produce (of earth)
c. descendants (metaphorical)
Origin: from H3318
TWOT: 893b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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11 occurrences of H6631 צאצא

Job 5:25
Job 21:8
Job 27:14
Job 31:8
Isaiah 22:24
Isaiah 34:1
Isaiah 42:5
Isaiah 44:3
Isaiah 48:19
Isaiah 61:9
Isaiah 65:23

Corresponding Greek Words

tseetsaim G1549 ek gonos
tseetsaim G5043 teknon