H3841 לבנה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

The same as H3839; Libnah, a place in the Desert and one in Palestine

KJV Usage: Libnah.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

Libnah = "pavement"
1. a royal city of the Canaanites in the southwest captured by Joshua; allocated to Judah and made a Levitical city; site unknown
2. a station between Sinai and Kadesh of Israel during their wilderness wanderings
Origin: the same as H3839
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Location

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18 occurrences of H3841 לבנה

Numbers 33:20 in Libnah.
Numbers 33:21 from Libnah,
Joshua 10:29 with him, to Libnah,
Joshua 10:29 against Libnah:
Joshua 10:31 from Libnah,
Joshua 10:32 to Libnah.
Joshua 10:39 also to Libnah,
Joshua 12:15 of Libnah,
Joshua 15:42 Libnah,
Joshua 21:13 and Libnah
2 Kings 8:22 Then Libnah
2 Kings 19:8 against Libnah:
2 Kings 23:31 of Libnah.
2 Kings 24:18 of Libnah.
1 Chronicles 6:57 and Libnah
2 Chronicles 21:10 also did Libnah
Isaiah 37:8 against Libnah:
Jeremiah 52:1 of Libnah.

Distinct usage

3 against Libnah:
3 of Libnah.
2 from Libnah,
2 and Libnah
1 in Libnah.
1 with him, to Libnah,
1 to Libnah.
1 also to Libnah,
1 of Libnah,
1 Libnah,
1 Then Libnah
1 also did Libnah