H1769 דּיבן דּיבון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

דּיבן דּיבון
dı̂ybôn dı̂ybôn
dee-bone', dee-bone'
From H1727; pining; Dibon, the name of three places in Palestine. Also, with H1410 added, Dibon-gad

KJV Usage: Dibon, the name of three places in Palestine - Dibon. [Also, with H1410 added, Dibon-gad.]

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

דּיבן דּיבון
Dibon = "wasting"
1. a town in Moab on the east side of the Jordan which was taken over by the Israelites and rebuilt by the children of Gad
2. a place in south Judah reinhabited by the men of Judah after the return from captivity
Origin: from H1727
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Location

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11 occurrences of H1769 דּיבן דּיבון

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