H2320 חדשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2318; the new moon; by implication a month

KJV Usage: month (-ly), new moon.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. the new moon, month, monthly
a. the first day of the month
b. the lunar month
Origin: from H2318
TWOT: 613b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) the new moon, month, monthly
1a) the first day of the month
1b) the lunar month

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First 30 of 276 occurrences of H2320 חדשׁ

Genesis 7:11 month,
Genesis 7:11 of the month,
Genesis 8:4 month,
Genesis 8:4 of the month,
Genesis 8:5 month:
Genesis 8:5 day of the month,
Genesis 8:13 day of the month,
Genesis 8:14 month,
Genesis 8:14 of the month,
Genesis 29:14 of a month.
Genesis 38:24 months
Exodus 12:2 This month
Exodus 12:2 of months:
Exodus 12:2 month
Exodus 12:3 day of this month
Exodus 12:6 of the same month:
Exodus 12:18 of the month
Exodus 12:18 of the month
Exodus 13:4 in the month
Exodus 13:5 in this month.
Exodus 16:1 month
Exodus 19:1 month,
Exodus 23:15 of the month
Exodus 34:18 of the month
Exodus 34:18 for in the month
Exodus 40:2 month
Exodus 40:17 month
Exodus 40:17 day of the month,
Leviticus 16:29 month,
Leviticus 16:29 day of the month,

Distinct usage

56 month,
36 month
33 day of the month,
14 months
14 month.
9 of the month
9 from a month
8 of the month,
7 months.
5 month:
4 months:
3 months,
3 which is the month
3 that is, the month
2 in the month
2 for in the month
2 of this month
2 a month
2 And it came to pass in the month
2 of his months
2 of the new moon
2 day of the month
2 and on the new moons,
1 of a month.
1 This month
1 of months:
1 in this month.
1 of the same month
1 And if it shall be from a month
1 of this month,
1 of your months
1 of every month
1 throughout the months
1 the month
1 whole months.
1 is the new moon,
1 is the new moon:
1 and when the new moon
1 his month
1 in his month:
1 it is neither new moon,
1 day of the fourth month
1 and for the new moons,
1 day of the month;
1 of the new moons,
1 and the month
1 themselves; in her month
1 in the twelfth month,
1 and in the new moons,
1 according to its months,
1 her new moons,
1 When will the new moon
1 of the same month:
1 day of this month
1 also of the month
1 which is the month
1 Your new moons
1 to me; the new moons
1 or a month,
1 even in the month

Corresponding Greek Words

chodesh see G3561 neomenia
chodesh G1859 heorte
chodesh G2250 hemera
chodesh G3376 men

Related words


H2321 חדשׁ chôdesh
The same as H2320; Chodesh, an Israelitess

KJV Usage: Hodesh.

H8483 תּחתּים חדשׁי tachtı̂ym chodshı̂y
תּחתּים חדשׁי
tachtı̂ym chodshı̂y
takh-teem' khod-shee'
Apparently from the plural masculine of H8482 or H8478 and H2320; lower (ones) monthly; Tachtim Chodshi, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Tahtim-hodshi.

H2318 חדשׁ châdash

A primitive root; to be new; causatively to rebuild

KJV Usage: renew, repair.

H2319 חדשׁ châdâsh
From H2318; new

KJV Usage: fresh, new thing.