Daniel 11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H589 ואני Also I H8141 בשׁנת year H259 אחת in the first H1867 לדריושׁ of Darius H4075 המדי the Mede, H5975 עמדי I, stood H2388 למחזיק to confirm H4581 ולמעוז׃ and to strengthen
  2 H6258 ועתה And now H571 אמת thee the truth. H5046 אגיד will I show H2009 לך הנה Behold, H5750 עוד yet H7969 שׁלשׁה three H4428 מלכים kings H5975 עמדים there shall stand up H6539 לפרס in Persia; H7243 והרביעי and the fourth H6238 יעשׁיר shall be far richer H6239 עשׁר through his riches H1419 גדול   H3605 מכל than all: H2393 וכחזקתו and by his strength H6239 בעשׁרו   H5782 יעיר he shall stir up H3605 הכל all H853 את   H4438 מלכות the realm H3120 יון׃ of Greece.
  3 H5975 ועמד shall stand up, H4428 מלך king H1368 גבור And a mighty H4910 ומשׁל that shall rule H4474 ממשׁל dominion, H7227 רב with great H6213 ועשׂה and do H7522 כרצונו׃ according to his will.
  4 H5975 וכעמדו And when he shall stand up, H7665 תשׁבר shall be broken, H4438 מלכותו his kingdom H2673 ותחץ and shall be divided H702 לארבע toward the four H7307 רוחות winds H8064 השׁמים of heaven; H3808 ולא and not H319 לאחריתו to his posterity, H3808 ולא nor H4915 כמשׁלו according to his dominion H834 אשׁר which H4910 משׁל he ruled: H3588 כי for H5428 תנתשׁ shall be plucked up, H4438 מלכותו his kingdom H312 ולאחרים even for others H905 מלבד beside H428 אלה׃ those.
  5 H2388 ויחזק shall be strong, H4428 מלך And the king H5045 הנגב of the south H4480 ומן and of H8269 שׂריו his princes; H2388 ויחזק and he shall be strong H5921 עליו above H4910 ומשׁל him, and have dominion; H4474 ממשׁל his dominion H7227 רב a great H4475 ממשׁלתו׃  
  6 H7093 ולקץ And in the end H8141 שׁנים of years H2266 יתחברו they shall join themselves together; H1323 ובת daughter H4428 מלך for the king's H5045 הנגב of the south H935 תבוא shall come H413 אל to H4428 מלך the king H6828 הצפון of the north H6213 לעשׂות to make H4339 מישׁרים an agreement: H3808 ולא but she shall not H6113 תעצר retain H3581 כוח the power H2220 הזרוע of the arm; H3808 ולא neither H5975 יעמד shall he stand, H2220 וזרעו nor his arm: H5414 ותנתן shall be given up, H1931 היא but she H935 ומביאיה and they that brought H3205 והילדה her, and he that begot H2388 ומחזקה her, and he that strengthened H6256 בעתים׃ her in times.
  7 H5975 ועמד shall stand up H5342 מנצר   H8328 שׁרשׁיה of her roots H3653 כנו in his estate, H935 ויבא which shall come H413 אל with H2428 החיל an army, H935 ויבא and shall enter H4581 במעוז into the fortress H4428 מלך of the king H6828 הצפון of the north, H6213 ועשׂה and shall deal H2388 בהם והחזיק׃ against them, and shall prevail:
  8 H1571 וגם And shall also H430 אלהיהם their gods, H5973 עם with H5257 נסכיהם their princes, H5973 עם with H3627 כלי vessels H2532 חמדתם their precious H3701 כסף of silver H2091 וזהב and of gold; H7628 בשׁבי captives H935 יבא carry H4714 מצרים into Egypt H1931 והוא and he H8141 שׁנים years H5975 יעמד shall continue H4428 ממלך than the king H6828 הצפון׃ of the north.
  9 H935 ובא shall come H4438 במלכות into kingdom, H4428 מלך So the king H5045 הנגב of the south H7725 ושׁב and shall return H413 אל into H127 אדמתו׃ his own land.
  10 H1121 ובנו But his sons H1624 יתגרו shall be stirred up, H622 ואספו and shall assemble H1995 המון a multitude H2428 חילים forces: H7227 רבים of great H935 ובא and shall certainly come, H935 בוא and shall certainly come, H7857 ושׁטף and overflow, H5674 ועבר and pass through: H7725 וישׁב then shall he return, H1624 ויתגרו and be stirred up, H5704 עד to H4581 מעזה׃ his fortress.
  11 H4843 ויתמרמר shall be moved with anger, H4428 מלך And the king H5045 הנגב of the south H3318 ויצא and shall come forth H3898 ונלחם and fight H5973 עמו with H5973 עם him, with H4428 מלך the king H6828 הצפון of the north: H5975 והעמיד and he shall set forth H1995 המון multitude; H7227 רב a great H5414 ונתן shall be given H1995 ההמון but the multitude H3027 בידו׃ into his hand.
  12 H5375 ונשׂא when he hath taken away H1995 ההמון the multitude, H7311 ירום shall be lifted up; H3824 לבבו his heart H5307 והפיל and he shall cast down H7239 רבאות ten thousands: H3808 ולא but he shall not H5810 יעוז׃ be strengthened
  13 H7725 ושׁב shall return, H4428 מלך For the king H6828 הצפון of the north H5975 והעמיד and shall set forth H1995 המון a multitude H7227 רב greater H4480 מן than H7223 הראשׁון the former, H7093 ולקץ after H6256 העתים certain H8141 שׁנים years H935 יבוא and shall certainly come H935 בוא and shall certainly come H2428 בחיל army H1419 גדול with a great H7399 וברכושׁ riches. H7227 רב׃ and with much
  14 H6256 ובעתים times H1992 ההם And in those H7227 רבים there shall many H5975 יעמדו stand up H5921 על against H4428 מלך the king H5045 הנגב of the south: H1121 ובני also the robbers H6530 פריצי also the robbers H5971 עמך of thy people H5375 ינשׂאו shall exalt themselves H5975 להעמיד to establish H2377 חזון the vision; H3782 ונכשׁלו׃ but they shall fall.
  15 H935 ויבא shall come, H4428 מלך So the king H6828 הצפון of the north H8210 וישׁפך and cast up H5550 סוללה a mount, H3920 ולכד and take H5892 עיר cities: H4013 מבצרות the most fenced H2220 וזרעות and the arms H5045 הנגב of the south H3808 לא shall not H5975 יעמדו withstand, H5971 ועם people, H4005 מבחריו neither his chosen H369 ואין neither H3581 כח strength H5975 לעמד׃ to withstand.
  16 H6213 ויעשׂ him shall do H935 הבא But he that cometh H413 אליו against H7522 כרצונו according to his own will, H369 ואין and none H5975 עומד shall stand H6440 לפניו before H5975 ויעמד him: and he shall stand H776 בארץ land, H6643 הצבי in the glorious H3615 וכלה shall be consumed. H3027 בידו׃ which by his hand
  17 H7760 וישׂם He shall also set H6440 פניו his face H935 לבוא to enter H8633 בתקף with the strength H3605 כל of his whole H4438 מלכותו kingdom, H3477 וישׁרים and upright ones H5973 עמו with H6213 ועשׂה him; thus shall he do: H1323 ובת him the daughter H802 הנשׁים of women, H5414 יתן and he shall give H7843 לו להשׁחיתה corrupting H3808 ולא her: but she shall not H5975 תעמד stand H3808 ולא neither H1961 לו תהיה׃ be
  18 H7725 וישׁב After this shall he turn H6440 פניו his face H339 לאיים unto the isles, H3920 ולכד and shall take H7227 רבים many: H7673 והשׁבית offered by him to cease; H7101 קצין but a prince H2781 חרפתו for his own behalf shall cause the reproach H1115 לו בלתי without H2781 חרפתו his own reproach H7725 ישׁיב׃ he shall cause to turn
  19 H7725 וישׁב Then he shall turn H6440 פניו his face H4581 למעוזי toward the fort H776 ארצו of his own land: H3782 ונכשׁל but he shall stumble H5307 ונפל and fall, H3808 ולא and not H4672 ימצא׃ be found.
  20 H5975 ועמד Then shall stand up H5921 על in H3653 כנו his estate H5674 מעביר a raiser H5065 נוגשׂ of taxes H1925 הדר the glory H4438 מלכות of the kingdom: H3117 ובימים days H259 אחדים but within few H7665 ישׁבר he shall be destroyed, H3808 ולא neither H639 באפים in anger, H3808 ולא nor H4421 במלחמה׃ in battle.
  21 H5975 ועמד shall stand up H5921 על And in H3653 כנו his estate H959 נבזה a vile person, H3808 ולא whom they shall not H5414 נתנו give H5921 עליו to H1935 הוד the honor H4438 מלכות of the kingdom: H935 ובא but he shall come in H7962 בשׁלוה peaceably, H2388 והחזיק and obtain H4438 מלכות the kingdom H2519 בחלקלקות׃ by flatteries.
  22 H2220 וזרעות And with the arms H7858 השׁטף of a flood H7857 ישׁטפו shall they be overflown H6440 מלפניו from before H7665 וישׁברו him, and shall be broken; H1571 וגם yea, also H5057 נגיד the prince H1285 ברית׃ of the covenant.
  23 H4480 ומן And after H2266 התחברות the league H413 אליו with H6213 יעשׂה him he shall work H4820 מרמה deceitfully: H5927 ועלה for he shall come up, H6105 ועצם and shall become strong H4592 במעט with a small H1471 גוי׃ people.
  24 H7962 בשׁלוה peaceably H4924 ובמשׁמני even upon the fattest places H4082 מדינה of the province; H935 יבוא He shall enter H6213 ועשׂה and he shall do H834 אשׁר which H3808 לא have not H6213 עשׂו done, H1 אבתיו his fathers H1 ואבות nor his fathers' H1 אבתיו fathers; H961 בזה among them the prey, H7998 ושׁלל and spoil, H7399 ורכושׁ and riches: H1992 להם   H967 יבזור he shall scatter H5921 ועל against H4013 מבצרים the strongholds, H2803 יחשׁב and he shall forecast H4284 מחשׁבתיו his devices H5704 ועד even for H6256 עת׃ a time.
  25 H5782 ויער And he shall stir up H3581 כחו his power H3824 ולבבו and his courage H5921 על against H4428 מלך the king H5045 הנגב of the south H2428 בחיל army; H1419 גדול with a great H4428 ומלך and the king H5045 הנגב of the south H1624 יתגרה shall be stirred up H4421 למלחמה to battle H2428 בחיל army; H1419 גדול great H6099 ועצום and mighty H5704 עד with a very H3966 מאד with a very H3808 ולא but he shall not H5975 יעמד stand: H3588 כי for H2803 יחשׁבו they shall forecast H5921 עליו against H4284 מחשׁבות׃ devices
  26 H398 ואכלי Yea, they that feed H6598 פת בגו of the portion of his meat H7665 ישׁברוהו shall destroy H2428 וחילו him, and his army H7857 ישׁטוף shall overflow: H5307 ונפלו shall fall down H2491 חללים slain. H7227 רבים׃ and many
  27 H8147 ושׁניהם And both H4428 המלכים these kings' H3824 לבבם hearts H4827 למרע to do mischief, H5921 ועל at H7979 שׁלחן table; H259 אחד one H3577 כזב lies H1696 ידברו and they shall speak H3808 ולא but it shall not H6743 תצלח prosper: H3588 כי for H5750 עוד yet H7093 קץ the end H4150 למועד׃ at the time appointed.
  28 H7725 וישׁב Then shall he return H776 ארצו into his land H7399 ברכושׁ riches; H1419 גדול with great H3824 ולבבו and his heart H5921 על against H1285 ברית covenant; H6944 קדשׁ the holy H6213 ועשׂה and he shall do H7725 ושׁב and return H776 לארצו׃ to his own land.
  29 H4150 למועד At the time appointed H7725 ישׁוב he shall return, H935 ובא and come H5045 בנגב toward the south; H3808 ולא but it shall not H1961 תהיה be H7223 כראשׁנה as the former, H314 וכאחרנה׃ or as the latter.
  30 H935 ובאו shall come H6716 בו ציים For the ships H3794 כתים of Chittim H3512 ונכאה against him: therefore he shall be grieved, H7725 ושׁב and return, H2194 וזעם and have indignation H5921 על against H1285 ברית covenant: H6944 קודשׁ the holy H6213 ועשׂה so shall he do; H7725 ושׁב he shall even return, H995 ויבן and have intelligence H5921 על with H5800 עזבי them that forsake H1285 ברית covenant. H6944 קדשׁ׃ the holy
  31 H2220 וזרעים And arms H4480 ממנו on his part, H5975 יעמדו shall stand H2490 וחללו and they shall pollute H4720 המקדשׁ the sanctuary H4581 המעוז of strength, H5493 והסירו and shall take away H8548 התמיד the daily H5414 ונתנו and they shall place H8251 השׁקוץ the abomination H8074 משׁומם׃ that maketh desolate.
  32 H7561 ומרשׁיעי And such as do wickedly against H1285 ברית the covenant H2610 יחניף shall he corrupt H2514 בחלקות by flatteries: H5971 ועם but the people H3045 ידעי that do know H430 אלהיו their God H2388 יחזקו shall be strong, H6213 ועשׂו׃ and do
  33 H7919 ומשׂכילי And they that understand H5971 עם among the people H995 יבינו shall instruct H7227 לרבים many: H3782 ונכשׁלו yet they shall fall H2719 בחרב by the sword, H3852 ובלהבה and by flame, H7628 בשׁבי by captivity, H961 ובבזה and by spoil, H3117 ימים׃ days.
  34 H3782 ובהכשׁלם Now when they shall fall, H5826 יעזרו they shall be helped H5828 עזר help: H4592 מעט with a little H3867 ונלוו shall cleave H5921 עליהם to H7227 רבים but many H2519 בחלקלקות׃ them with flatteries.
  35 H4480 ומן And of H7919 המשׂכילים them of understanding H3782 יכשׁלו shall fall, H6884 לצרוף to try H1305 בהם ולברר them, and to purge, H3835 וללבן and to make white, H5704 עד to H6256 עת the time H7093 קץ of the end: H3588 כי because H5750 עוד yet H4150 למועד׃ for a time appointed.
  36 H6213 ועשׂה shall do H7522 כרצונו according to his will; H4428 המלך And the king H7311 ויתרומם and he shall exalt himself, H1431 ויתגדל and magnify himself H5921 על above H3605 כל every H410 אל god, H5921 ועל against H410 אל the God H410 אלים of gods, H1696 ידבר and shall speak H6381 נפלאות marvelous things H6743 והצליח and shall prosper H5704 עד till H3615 כלה be accomplished: H2195 זעם the indignation H3588 כי for H2782 נחרצה that that is determined H6213 נעשׂתה׃ shall be done.
  37 H5921 ועל above H430 אלהי the God H1 אבתיו of his fathers, H3808 לא   H995 יבין   H5921 ועל   H2532 חמדת nor the desire H802 נשׁים of women, H5921 ועל   H3605 כל nor regard any H433 אלוה god: H3808 לא   H995 יבין   H3588 כי for H5921 על   H3605 כל all. H1431 יתגדל׃ he shall magnify himself
  38 H433 ולאלה the God H4581 מעזים of forces: H5921 על But in H3653 כנו his estate H3513 יכבד shall he honor H433 ולאלוה and a god H834 אשׁר whom H3808 לא not H3045 ידעהו knew H1 אבתיו his fathers H3513 יכבד shall he honor H2091 בזהב with gold, H3701 ובכסף and silver, H68 ובאבן stones, H3368 יקרה and with precious H2530 ובחמדות׃ and pleasant things.
  39 H6213 ועשׂה Thus shall he do H4013 למבצרי in the most strong holds H4581 מעזים in the most strong holds H5973 עם with H433 אלוה god, H5236 נכר a strange H834 אשׁר whom H5234 הכיר he shall acknowledge H7235 ירבה increase H3519 כבוד with glory: H4910 והמשׁילם and he shall cause them to rule H7227 ברבים over many, H127 ואדמה the land H2505 יחלק and shall divide H4242 במחיר׃ for gain.
  40 H6256 ובעת And at the time H7093 קץ of the end H5055 יתנגח push H5973 עמו at H4428 מלך shall the king H5045 הנגב of the south H8175 וישׂתער shall come against him like a whirlwind, H5921 עליו shall come against him like a whirlwind, H4428 מלך him: and the king H6828 הצפון of the north H7393 ברכב with chariots, H6571 ובפרשׁים and with horsemen, H591 ובאניות ships; H7227 רבות and with many H935 ובא and he shall enter H776 בארצות into the countries, H7857 ושׁטף and shall overflow H5674 ועבר׃ and pass over.
  41 H935 ובא He shall enter H776 בארץ land, H6643 הצבי also into the glorious H7227 ורבות and many H3782 יכשׁלו shall be overthrown: H428 ואלה but these H4422 ימלטו shall escape H3027 מידו out of his hand, H123 אדום Edom, H4124 ומואב and Moab, H7225 וראשׁית and the chief H1121 בני of the children H5983 עמון׃ of Ammon.
  42 H7971 וישׁלח He shall stretch forth H3027 ידו his hand H776 בארצות also upon the countries: H776 וארץ and the land H4714 מצרים of Egypt H3808 לא shall not H1961 תהיה escape. H6413 לפליטה׃ escape.
  43 H4910 ומשׁל But he shall have power H4362 במכמני over the treasures H2091 הזהב of gold H3701 והכסף and of silver, H3605 ובכל and over all H2530 חמדות the precious things H4714 מצרים of Egypt: H3864 ולבים and the Libyans H3569 וכשׁים and the Ethiopians H4703 במצעדיו׃ at his steps.
  44 H8052 ושׁמעות But tidings H926 יבהלהו shall trouble H4217 ממזרח out of the east H6828 ומצפון and out of the north H3318 ויצא him: therefore he shall go forth H2534 בחמא fury H1419 גדלה with great H8045 להשׁמיד to destroy, H2763 ולהחרים and utterly to make away H7227 רבים׃ many.
  45 H5193 ויטע And he shall plant H168 אהלי the tabernacles H643 אפדנו of his palace H996 בין between H3220 ימים the seas H2022 להר mountain; H6643 צבי in the glorious H6944 קדשׁ holy H935 ובא yet he shall come H5704 עד to H7093 קצו his end, H369 ואין and none H5826 עוזר׃ shall help