H4242 מחיר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

me chı̂yr
From an unused root meaning to buy; price, payment, wages

KJV Usage: gain, hire, price, sold, worth.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. price, hire
a. price
b. hire, reward, gain
Origin: from an unused root meaning to buy
TWOT: 1185c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) price, hire
1a) price
1b) hire, reward, gain

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15 occurrences of H4242 מחיר

Deuteronomy 23:18 or the price
2 Samuel 24:24 it of thee at a price:
1 Kings 10:28 at a price.
1 Kings 21:2 thee the worth
2 Chronicles 1:16 at a price.
Job 28:15 for the price
Psalms 44:12 thy wealth by their price.
Proverbs 17:16 Why is there a price
Proverbs 27:26 are the price
Isaiah 45:13 not for price
Isaiah 55:1 and without price.
Jeremiah 15:13 without price,
Lamentations 5:4 is sold
Daniel 11:39 for gain.
Micah 3:11 for hire,

Distinct usage

2 at a price.
1 or the price
1 it of thee at a price:
1 thee the worth
1 for the price
1 thy wealth by their price.
1 Why is there a price
1 are the price
1 and without price.
1 without price,
1 is sold
1 for hire,
1 for gain.
1 not for price

Corresponding Greek Words

mechir G465 ant allagma
mechir G1431 dorea
mechir G1435 doron
mechir G3083 lutron
mechir G3408 misthos
mechir G5092 time
mechir G5536 chrema

Related words


H4243 מחיר me chı̂yr
me chı̂yr
The same as H4242; price; Mechir, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Mehir.