H4720 מקּדשׁ מקדּשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מקּדשׁ מקדּשׁ
miqdâsh miqqe dâsh
mik-dawsh', mik-ked-awsh'
From H6942; a consecrated thing or place, especially a palace, sanctuary (whether of Jehovah or of idols) or asylum

KJV Usage: chapel, hallowed part, holy place, sanctuary.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

מקּדשׁ מקדּשׁ

1. sacred place, sanctuary, holy place
a. sanctuary
1. of the temple
2. of the tabernacle
3. of Ezekiel's temple
4. of Jehovah
Origin: from H6942
TWOT: 1990f
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 71 occurrences of H4720 מקּדשׁ מקדּשׁ

Exodus 15:17 in the Sanctuary,
Exodus 25:8 me a sanctuary;
Leviticus 12:4 into the sanctuary,
Leviticus 16:33 sanctuary,
Leviticus 19:30 my sanctuary:
Leviticus 20:3 my sanctuary,
Leviticus 21:12 of the sanctuary,
Leviticus 21:12 the sanctuary
Leviticus 21:23 my sanctuaries:
Leviticus 26:2 my sanctuary:
Leviticus 26:31 your sanctuaries
Numbers 3:38 of the sanctuary
Numbers 10:21 the sanctuary:
Numbers 18:1 of the sanctuary:
Numbers 18:29 of it, even the hallowed part
Numbers 19:20 the sanctuary
Joshua 24:26 that was by the sanctuary
1 Chronicles 22:19 ye the sanctuary
1 Chronicles 28:10 for the sanctuary:
2 Chronicles 20:8 thee a sanctuary
2 Chronicles 26:18 of the sanctuary;
2 Chronicles 29:21 and for the sanctuary,
2 Chronicles 30:8 into his sanctuary,
2 Chronicles 36:17 of their sanctuary,
Nehemiah 10:39 of the sanctuary,
Psalms 68:35 out of thy holy places:
Psalms 73:17 into the sanctuary
Psalms 74:7 into thy sanctuary,
Psalms 78:69 his sanctuary
Psalms 96:6 are in his sanctuary.

Distinct usage

3 of the sanctuary,
3 the sanctuary
3 my sanctuary
3 and the sanctuary
2 sanctuary,
2 my sanctuary:
2 my sanctuary,
2 the sanctuary:
2 of the sanctuary:
2 sanctuary
2 into my sanctuary,
1 in the Sanctuary,
1 me a sanctuary;
1 into the sanctuary,
1 my sanctuaries:
1 your sanctuaries
1 of the sanctuary
1 of it, even the hallowed part
1 that was by the sanctuary
1 ye the sanctuary
1 for the sanctuary:
1 thee a sanctuary
1 of the sanctuary;
1 and for the sanctuary,
1 into his sanctuary,
1 of their sanctuary,
1 out of thy holy places:
1 into the sanctuary
1 into thy sanctuary,
1 his sanctuary

Corresponding Greek Words

miqdash G37 agiazo
miqdash G38 agiasmos
miqdash G39 hagios
miqdash G873 aph orizo
miqdash G2413 hieros
miqdash G3741 hosios