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Revelation 2:10 (new)
  10 G5399 [G5737] { Fear G3367 none G3739 of those things which G3195 [G5719] thou shalt G3958 [G5721] suffer: G2400 [G5628] behold, G3588 the G1228 slanderer G3195 [G5719] shall G906 [G5629] cast G1537 some of G5216 you G1519 into G5438 prison, G2443 that G3985 [G5686] ye may be tested; G2532 and G2192 [G5692] ye shall have G2347 tribulation G1176 ten G2250 days: G1096 [G5737] be thou G4103 faithful G891 to G2288 death, G2532 and G1325 [G5692] I will give G4671 thee G4735 a crown G2222 of life.}