G3755 ὅτου - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

during which same time, i.e. whilst
Derivation: for the genitive case of G3748 (as adverb);

KJV Usage: whiles.

ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ τι (also written ὅ, τι and ὅτι; see LS, see word; WH, §411; Tdf., Pr., 111), in NT scarcely ever except in nom. (M, Pr., 91), the only instance of the oblique cases being found in ἕως ὅτου (see: ἕως), relative of indef. reference (related to simple ὅς as Lat. quisquis to qui),
whoever, anyone who;
__(a) of an indef. person or thing: in general statements,
Refs Mat.5:39, 41 13:12
, and freq.,
Refs Luk.14:27, Gal.5:4, al.
; in relative sentences,
Refs Mat.7:26, Luk.15:7, Php.3:7, al.
; πᾶς, with indic.,
Refs Mat.7:24 10:32
; ὅ ἄν (ἐάν), with subjc.,
Refs Mat.12:50 13:12, Jhn.14:13, 1Co.16:2, Gal.5:10, al.
__(b) of a definite person or thing, indicating quality, "either generic, which, as other like things, or essential, which by its very nature" (Hort on 1Pe.2:11), who is such as:
Refs Mat.2:6 7:26, Luk.2:10 7:37, Jhn.8:53, Act.7:53, Rom.6:2, 1Co.3:17, Gal.4:24, Eph.1:23, al.
__(with) where the relative sentence expresses a reason, consequence, etc. (M, Pr., 92), seeing that he (it, they), and he (it, they):
Refs Luk.8:3 10:42, Act.10:47 11:28, Php.4:3, al.
__(d) as in Ionic and late Greek (Bl., §50, 1; M, Pr., l.with), differing but little from ὅς:
Refs Luk.2:4 9:30, Act.17:10, Rev.12:13
1) while, until

From the genitive case of G3748 (as adverb); during which same time, that is, whilst

KJV Usage: whiles.

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6 occurrences of G3755 ὅτου

Matthew 5:25 while
Luke 13:8 till
Luke 15:8 till
Luke 22:16 until
Luke 22:18 until
John 9:18 until

Distinct usage

3 until
2 till
1 while

Related words

G3755 ὅτου

G3748 ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ,τι

ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ,τι
hostis hētis ho , ti
hos'-tis, hay'-tis, hot'-ee
From G3739 and G5100; which some, that is, any that; also (definitely) which same

KJV Usage: X and (they), (such) as, (they) that, in that they, what (-soever), whereas ye, (they) which, who (-soever).

Compare G3754.

G3754 ὅτι
Neuter of G3748 as conjugation; demonstrative that (sometimes redundant); causatively because

KJV Usage: as concerning that, as though, because (that), for (that), how (that), (in) that, though, why.