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1 Kings 12:16 (KJV_Strongs)
  16 H7725 So [H8686]   H3478 when all Israel H7200 saw [H8799]   H4428 that the king H8085 hearkened [H8804]   H5971 not unto them, the people H1697 answered H4428 the king H559 , saying [H8800]   H2506 , What portion H1732 have we in David H5159 ? neither have we inheritance H1121 in the son H3448 of Jesse H168 : to your tents H3478 , O Israel H7200 : now see [H8798]   H1004 to thine own house H1732 , David H3478 . So Israel H3212 departed [H8799]   H168 unto their tents.