H6311 פּו פּא פּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

פּו פּא פּה
pôh pô' pô
po, po, po
Probably from a primitive inseparable particle פּ p (the second form; of demonstrative force) and H1931; this place (French, icil), that is, here or hence

KJV Usage: here, hither, the one (other, this, that) side.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

פּו פּא פּה

1. here, from here, hither
a. here
b. hither
Origin: probably from a primitive inseparable particle "p" (of demonstrative force) and H1931
TWOT: 1739
Parts of Speech: Adverb

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6 occurrences of H6311 פּו פּא פּה

Genesis 19:12
1 Samuel 16:11
Job 38:11
Isaiah 22:16
Ezekiel 40:10
Ezekiel 41:1

Corresponding Greek Words

poh G847 autou
poh G5602 hode
mipo G1782 (see) enthen *
mipoh G1782 enteuthen *
mipoh G1782 (see) enthen *