H645 אפוא אפו - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אפוא אפו
'êphô 'êphô'
ay-fo', ay-fo'
From H6311; strictly a demonstrative particle, here; but used of time, now or then

KJV Usage: here, now, where?

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


אפוא אפו

1. then, now, so
a. (who) then, (what) then (with interrog)
b. then (with imperative - i.e. know then)
c. if...then (with adv)
Origin: from H6311
TWOT: 144
Parts of Speech:

1) then, now, so
1a) (who) then, (what) then (with interrog)
1b) then (with imperative-i.e. know then)
1c) if...then (with adv)

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15 occurrences of H645 אפוא אפו

Genesis 27:33 Who? where
Genesis 27:37 now
Genesis 43:11 to them, If it must be so now,
Exodus 33:16 here
Judges 9:38 to him, Where is now
2 Kings 10:10 now
Job 9:24 if not, where,
Job 17:15 And where is now
Job 19:6 now
Job 19:23 were now
Job 24:25 And if it is not so now,
Proverbs 6:3 this now,
Isaiah 19:12 are they? where
Isaiah 22:1 What aileth thee now,
Hosea 13:10 where

Distinct usage

3 now
1 Who? where
1 to them, If it must be so now,
1 to him, Where is now
1 if not, where,
1 And where is now
1 were now
1 And if it is not so now,
1 are they? where
1 What aileth thee now,
1 where
1 this now,
1 here

Related words


H6311 פּו פּא פּה pôh pô' pô

פּו פּא פּה
pôh pô' pô
po, po, po
Probably from a primitive inseparable particle פּ p (the second form; of demonstrative force) and H1931; this place (French, icil), that is, here or hence

KJV Usage: here, hither, the one (other, this, that) side.

H375 איפה 'êyphôh
From H335 and H6311; what place ?; also (of time) when ?; or (of means) how?

KJV Usage: what manner, where.

H6285 פּאה pê'âh
Feminine of H6311; properly mouth in a figurative sense, that is, direction, region, extremity

KJV Usage: corner, end, quarter, side.