Job 22

  1 H464 Then Eliphaz H8489 the Temanite H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said,
  2 H1397 Can a man H5532 [H8799] be profitable H410 to God, H3588 as H7919 [H8688] he that is prudent H5532 [H8799] may be profitable to himself?
  3 H2656 Is it any pleasure H7706 to the Almighty, H6663 [H8799] that thou art righteous? H1215 or is it gain H1870 to him, that thou makest thy ways H8552 [H8686] perfect?
  4 H3198 [H8686] Will he reprove H3374 thee for fear H935 [H8799] of thee? will he enter H4941 with thee into judgment?
  5 H7451 Is not thy evil H7227 great? H5771 and thy perversities H7093 without end?
  6 H2254 [H8799] For thou hast taken a pledge H251 from thy brother H2600 without cause, H6584 [H8686] and stripped H6174 the naked H899 of their clothing.
  7 H4325 Thou hast not given water H5889 to the languished H8248 [H8686] to drink, H4513 [H8799] and thou hast withheld H3899 bread H7457 from the hungry.
  8 H2220 But as for the mighty H376 man, H776 he had the earth; H5375 H6440 [H8803] and the honourable man H3427 [H8799] dwelt in it.
  9 H7971 [H8765] Thou hast sent H490 widows H7387 away empty, H2220 and the arms H3490 of the fatherless H1792 [H8792] have been broken.
  10 H6341 Therefore snares H5439 are around H6597 thee, and sudden H6343 fear H926 [H8762] troubleth thee;
  11 H2822 Or darkness, H7200 [H8799] that thou canst not see; H8229 and abundance H4325 of waters H3680 [H8762] cover thee.
  12 H433 Is not God H1363 in the height H8064 of heaven? H7200 [H8798] and behold H7218 the height H3556 of the stars, H7311 [H8804] how high they are!
  13 H559 [H8804] And thou sayest, H410 How doth God H3045 [H8804] know? H8199 [H8799] can he judge H6205 through the dark cloud?
  14 H5645 Thick clouds H5643 are a covering H7200 [H8799] to him, that he seeth H1980 [H8691] not; and he walketh H2329 in the circuit H8064 of heaven.
  15 H8104 [H8799] Hast thou marked H5769 the old H734 way H205 which panting H4962 men H1869 [H8804] have trodden?
  16 H7059 [H8795] Who were cut down H6256 out of time, H3247 whose foundation H3332 [H8714] was overflowed H5104 with a flood:
  17 H559 [H8802] Who said H410 to God, H5493 [H8798] Depart H7706 from us: and what can the Almighty H6466 [H8799] do for them?
  18 H4390 [H8765] Yet he filled H1004 their houses H2896 with good H6098 things: but the counsel H7563 of the wicked H7368 [H8804] is far from me.
  19 H6662 The righteous H7200 [H8799] see H8055 [H8799] it, and are glad: H5355 and the innocent H3932 [H8799] mock them.
  20 H518 Though H7009 our substance H3582 [H8738] is not hidden, H3499 but the remnant H784 of them the fire H398 [H8804] consumeth.
  21 H5532 [H8685] Acquaint H7999 [H8798] now thyself with him, and be at peace: H2896 by this good H935 [H8799] shall come to thee.
  22 H3947 [H8798] Receive, H8451 I pray thee, the law H6310 from his mouth, H7760 [H8798] and lay up H561 his words H3824 in thy heart.
  23 H7725 [H8799] If thou shalt return H7706 to the Almighty, H1129 [H8735] thou shalt be built up, H7368 0 thou shalt put away H5766 distortion H7368 [H8686] far H168 from thy tents.
  24 H7896 [H8800] Then shalt thou lay up H1220 gold H5921 as H6083 dust, H211 and the gold of Ophir H6697 as the rocks H5158 of the brooks.
  25 H7706 Yea, the Almighty H1220 shall be thy defence, H8443 and thou shalt have plenty H3701 of silver.
  26 H6026 [H8691] For then shalt thou have thy delight H7706 in the Almighty, H5375 [H8799] and shalt lift up H6440 thy face H433 to God.
  27 H6279 [H8686] Thou shalt make thy prayer H8085 [H8799] to him, and he shall hear H7999 [H8762] thee, and thou shalt pay H5088 thy vows.
  28 H1504 [H8799] Thou shalt also decree H562 a thing, H6965 [H8799] and it shall be raised H216 to thee: and the light H5050 [H8804] shall shine H1870 upon thy ways.
  29 H8213 [H8689] When men are cast down, H559 [H8799] then thou shalt say, H1466 Lift them up; H3467 [H8686] and he shall liberate H7807 the humble H5869 person.
  30 H4422 [H8762] He shall deliver H336 the isle H5355 of the innocent: H4422 [H8738] and it is delivered H1252 by the pureness H3709 of thy palms.