Genesis 27

  1 H1961 [H8799] And it came to pass H3327 , that when Isaac H2204 [H8804] was old H5869 , and his eyes H3543 [H8799] were dim H7200 [H8800] , so that he could not see H7121 [H8799] , he called H6215 Esau H1419 his eldest H1121 son H559 [H8799] , and said H1121 to him, My son H559 [H8799] : and he said to him, Behold, here am I.
  2 H559 [H8799] And he said H2204 [H8804] , Behold now, I am old H3045 [H8804] , I know H3117 not the day H4194 of my death:
  3 H5375 [H8798] Now therefore take H3627 , I pray thee, thy weapons H8522 , thy quiver H7198 and thy bow H3318 [H8798] , and go out H7704 to the field H6679 [H8798] , and take H6718 H6720 [H8675] me some venison;
  4 H6213 [H8798] And make H4303 me savoury meat H834 , such as H157 [H8804] I love H935 [H8685] , and bring H398 [H8799] it to me, that I may eat H5315 ; that my soul H1288 [H8762] may bless H2962 thee before H4191 [H8799] I die.
  5 H7259 And Rebekah H8085 [H8802] heard H3327 when Isaac H1696 [H8763] spoke H6215 to Esau H1121 his son H6215 . And Esau H3212 [H8799] went H7704 to the field H6679 [H8800] to hunt H6718 for venison H935 [H8687] , and to bring it.
  6 H7259 And Rebekah H559 [H8804] spoke H3290 to Jacob H1121 her son H559 [H8800] , saying H8085 [H8804] , Behold, I heard H1 thy father H1696 [H8764] speak H6215 to Esau H251 thy brother H559 [H8800] , saying,
  7 H935 [H8685] Bring H6718 me venison H6213 [H8798] , and make H4303 me savoury meat H398 [H8799] , that I may eat H1288 [H8762] , and bless H6440 thee before H3068 the LORD H6440 before H4194 my death.
  8 H1121 Now therefore, my son H8085 [H8798] , obey H6963 my voice H834 according to that which H6680 [H8764] I command thee.
  9 H3212 [H8798] Go H6629 now to the flock H3947 [H8798] , and bring H8147 me from there two H2896 good H1423 kids H5795 of the goats H6213 [H8799] ; and I will make H4303 them savoury meat H1 for thy father H157 [H8804] , such as he loveth:
  10 H935 [H8689] And thou shalt bring H1 it to thy father H398 [H8804] , that he may eat H834 , and that H1288 [H8762] he may bless H6440 thee before H4194 his death.
  11 H3290 And Jacob H559 [H8799] said H7259 to Rebekah H517 his mother H6215 , Behold, Esau H251 my brother H8163 is a hairy H376 man H2509 , and I am a smooth H376 man:
  12 H1 My father H4959 [H8799] perhaps will feel H5869 me, and I shall seem H8591 [H8772] to him as a deceiver H935 [H8689] ; and I shall bring H7045 a curse H1293 upon me, and not a blessing.
  13 H517 And his mother H559 [H8799] said H7045 to him, Upon me be thy curse H1121 , my son H8085 [H8798] : only obey H6963 my voice H3212 [H8798] , and go H3947 [H8798] bring them to me.
  14 H3212 [H8799] And he went H3947 [H8799] , and took H935 [H8686] , and brought H517 them to his mother H517 : and his mother H6213 [H8799] made H4303 savoury meat H1 , such as his father H157 [H8804] loved.
  15 H7259 And Rebekah H3947 [H8799] took H2532 the choicest H899 raiment H1419 of her eldest H1121 son H6215 Esau H1004 , which was with her in the house H3847 [H8686] , and put it upon H3290 Jacob H6996 her younger H1121 son:
  16 H3847 [H8689] And she put H5785 the skins H1423 of the kids H5795 of the goats H3027 on his hands H2513 , and on the smooth part H6677 of his neck:
  17 H5414 [H8799] And she gave H4303 the savoury meat H3899 and the bread H6213 [H8804] , which she had prepared H3027 , into the hand H1121 of her son H3290 Jacob.
  18 H935 [H8799] And he came H1 to his father H559 [H8799] , and said H1 , My father H559 [H8799] : and he said H1121 , Here am I; who art thou, my son?
  19 H3290 And Jacob H559 [H8799] said H1 to his father H6215 , I am Esau H1060 thy firstborn H6213 [H8804] ; I have done H1696 [H8765] according as thou badest H6965 [H8798] me: arise H3427 [H8798] , I pray thee, sit H398 [H8798] and eat H6718 of my venison H5315 , that thy soul H1288 [H8762] may bless me.
  20 H3327 And Isaac H559 [H8799] said H1121 to his son H4672 [H8800] , How is it that thou hast found H4116 [H8765] it so quickly H1121 , my son H559 [H8799] ? And he said H3068 , Because the LORD H430 thy God H7136 [H8689] brought H6440 it to me.
  21 H3327 And Isaac H559 [H8799] said H3290 to Jacob H5066 [H8798] , Come near H4184 [H8799] , I pray thee, that I may feel H1121 thee, my son H2088 , whether thou art my very H1121 son H6215 Esau or not.
  22 H3290 And Jacob H5066 [H8799] went near H3327 to Isaac H1 his father H4959 [H8799] ; and he felt H559 [H8799] him, and said H6963 , The voice H3290 is Jacob's H6963 voice H3027 , but the hands H3027 are the hands H6215 of Esau.
  23 H5234 [H8689] And he knew H3027 him not, because his hands H8163 were hairy H251 , as his brother H6215 Esau's H3027 hands H1288 [H8762] : so he blessed him.
  24 H559 [H8799] And he said H1121 , Art thou my very son H6215 Esau H559 [H8799] ? And he said, I am.
  25 H559 [H8799] And he said H5066 [H8685] , Bring it near H398 [H8799] to me, and I will eat H1121 of my son's H6718 venison H5315 , that my soul H1288 [H8762] may bless H5066 [H8686] thee. And he brought it near H398 [H8799] to him, and he ate H935 [H8686] : and he brought H3196 him wine H8354 [H8799] , and he drank.
  26 H1 And his father H3327 Isaac H559 [H8799] said H5066 [H8798] to him, Come near H5401 [H8798] now, and kiss H1121 me, my son.
  27 H5066 [H8799] And he came near H5401 [H8799] , and kissed H7306 [H8686] him: and he smelled H7381 the smell H899 of his raiment H1288 [H8762] , and blessed H559 [H8799] him, and said H7200 [H8798] , See H7381 , the smell H1121 of my son H7381 is as the smell H7704 of a field H3068 which the LORD H1288 [H8765] hath blessed:
  28 H430 Therefore God H5414 [H8799] give H2919 thee of the dew H8064 of heaven H4924 , and the fatness H776 of the earth H7230 , and plenty H1715 of grain H8492 and wine:
  29 H5971 Let people H5647 [H8799] serve H3816 thee, and nations H7812 [H8691] bow down H1933 [H8798] to thee: be H1376 lord H251 over thy brethren H517 , and let thy mother's H1121 sons H7812 [H8691] bow down H779 [H8803] to thee: cursed H779 [H8802] be every one that curseth H1288 [H8803] thee, and blessed H1288 [H8764] be he that blesseth thee.
  30 H3327 And it came to pass, as soon as Isaac H3615 [H8765] had finished H1288 [H8763] blessing H3290 Jacob H3290 , and Jacob H389 had yet H3318 [H8800] scarcely H3318 [H8804] gone out H6440 from the presence H3327 of Isaac H1 his father H6215 , that Esau H251 his brother H935 [H8804] came in H6718 from his hunting.
  31 H6213 [H8799] And he also had made H4303 savoury meat H935 [H8686] , and brought it H1 to his father H559 [H8799] , and said H1 to his father H1 , Let my father H6965 [H8799] arise H398 [H8799] , and eat H1121 of his son's H6718 venison H5315 , that thy soul H1288 [H8762] may bless me.
  32 H3327 And Isaac H1 his father H559 [H8799] said H559 [H8799] to him, Who art thou? And he said H1121 , I am thy son H1060 , thy firstborn H6215 Esau.
  33 H3327 And Isaac H2729 [H8799] trembled H1419 H3966 H2731 exceedingly H559 [H8799] , and said H645 , Who? where H6679 [H8801] is he that hath taken H6718 venison H935 [H8686] , and brought H398 [H8799] it me, and I have eaten H935 [H8799] of all before thou camest H1288 [H8762] , and have blessed H1288 [H8803] him? yea, and he shall be blessed.
  34 H6215 And when Esau H8085 [H8800] heard H1697 the words H1 of his father H6817 [H8799] , he cried H1419 with a great H3966 and exceedingly H4751 bitter H6818 cry H559 [H8799] , and said H1 to his father H1288 [H8761] , Bless H1 me, even me also, O my father.
  35 H559 [H8799] And he said H251 , Thy brother H935 [H8804] came H4820 deceitfully H3947 [H8799] , and hath taken away H1293 thy blessing.
  36 H559 [H8799] And he said H3588 , Is he not rightly H7121 H8034 [H8804] named H3290 Jacob H6117 [H8799] ? for he hath supplanted me H2088 H6471 twice H3947 [H8804] : he took away H1062 my birthright H3947 [H8804] ; and, behold, now he hath taken away H1293 my blessing H559 [H8799] . And he said H680 [H8804] , Hast thou not reserved H1293 a blessing for me?
  37 H3327 And Isaac H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H6215 to Esau H7760 [H8804] , Behold, I have made H1376 him thy lord H251 , and all his brethren H5414 [H8804] have I given H5650 to him for servants H1715 ; and with grain H8492 and wine H5564 [H8804] have I sustained H6213 [H8799] him: and what shall I do H645 now H1121 to thee, my son?
  38 H6215 And Esau H559 [H8799] said H1 to his father H259 , Hast thou but one H1293 blessing H1 , my father H1288 [H8761] ? bless H1 me, even me also, O my father H6215 . And Esau H5375 [H8799] lifted up H6963 his voice H1058 [H8799] , and wept.
  39 H3327 And Isaac H1 his father H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H4186 to him, Behold, thy dwelling H4924 shall be the fatness H776 of the earth H2919 , and of the dew H8064 of heaven H5920 from above;
  40 H2719 And by thy sword H2421 [H8799] shalt thou live H5647 [H8799] , and shalt serve H251 thy brother H7300 [H8686] ; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion H6561 [H8804] , that thou shalt break H5923 his yoke H6677 from off thy neck.
  41 H6215 And Esau H7852 [H8799] hated H3290 Jacob H5921 because H1293 of the blessing H834 with which H1 his father H1288 [H8765] blessed him H6215 : and Esau H559 [H8799] said H3820 in his heart H3117 , The days H60 of mourning H1 for my father H7126 [H8799] are at hand H2026 [H8799] ; then will I slay H251 my brother H3290 Jacob.
  42 H1697 And these words H6215 of Esau H1419 her elder H1121 son H5046 [H8714] were told H7259 to Rebekah H7971 [H8799] : and she sent H7121 [H8799] and called H3290 Jacob H6996 her younger H1121 son H559 [H8799] , and said H251 to him, Behold, thy brother H6215 Esau H5162 [H8693] , as concerning thee, doth comfort H2026 [H8800] himself, purposing to kill thee.
  43 H1121 Now therefore, my son H8085 [H8798] , obey H6963 my voice H6965 [H8798] ; and arise H1272 [H8798] , flee H3837 thou to Laban H251 my brother H2771 to Haran;
  44 H3427 [H8804] And tarry H259 with him a few H3117 days H834 , until H251 thy brother's H2534 fury H7725 [H8799] shall turn away;
  45 H251 Till thy brother's H639 anger H7725 [H8800] shall turn away H7911 [H8804] from thee, and he shall forget H6213 [H8804] that which thou hast done H7971 [H8804] to him: then I will send H3947 [H8804] , and bring H4100 thee from there: why H7921 [H8799] should I be deprived H8147 also of you both H259 in one H3117 day?
  46 H7259 And Rebekah H559 [H8799] said H3327 to Isaac H6973 [H8804] , I am weary H2416 of my life H6440 because H1323 of the daughters H2845 of Heth H3290 : if Jacob H3947 [H8802] shall take H802 a wife H1323 of the daughters H2845 of Heth H1323 , such as these who are of the daughters H776 of the land H4100 , what good H2416 shall my life do me?