H60 אבל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H56; lamentation

KJV Usage: mourning.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. mourning
a. for the dead
b. for rites of mourning (metaph)
c. mourning garb
d. period of mourning
Origin: from H56
TWOT: 6a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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24 occurrences of H60 אבל

Genesis 27:41 of mourning
Genesis 50:10 a mourning
Genesis 50:11 the mourning
Genesis 50:11 mourning
Deuteronomy 34:8 and mourning
2 Samuel 11:27 And when the mourning
2 Samuel 14:2 now mourning
2 Samuel 19:2 was turned into mourning
Esther 4:3 mourning
Esther 9:22 and from mourning
Job 30:31 also is turned to mourning,
Ecclesiastes 7:2 of mourning,
Ecclesiastes 7:4 of mourning;
Isaiah 60:20 of thy mourning
Isaiah 61:3 for mourning,
Jeremiah 6:26 thee mourning,
Jeremiah 16:7 themselves for them in mourning,
Jeremiah 31:13 their mourning
Lamentations 5:15 into mourning.
Ezekiel 24:17 no mourning
Amos 5:16 to mourning,
Amos 8:10 into mourning,
Amos 8:10 it as the mourning
Micah 1:8 and mourning

Distinct usage

2 mourning
1 of mourning
1 a mourning
1 the mourning
1 and mourning
1 And when the mourning
1 now mourning
1 was turned into mourning
1 and from mourning
1 also is turned to mourning,
1 of mourning,
1 of mourning;
1 of thy mourning
1 for mourning,
1 thee mourning,
1 themselves for them in mourning,
1 their mourning
1 into mourning.
1 no mourning
1 to mourning,
1 into mourning,
1 it as the mourning
1 and mourning

Corresponding Greek Words

evel G2805 klauthmos
evel G3601 odune
evel G3806 pathos
evel G3997 penthos