Genesis 27

Coverdale(i) 1 And it came to passe when Isaac was olde, his eyes waxed dymme of sight, and he called Esau his greater sonne, and sayde vnto him: My sonne. He answered him: Here am I. 2 And he sayde: Beholde, I am olde, and knowe not whan I shal dye. 3 Now therfore take thy geer, thy quyuer and thy bowe, and get the forth to the felde, and take me some venyson, 4 and make me meate (soch as I loue) and brynge it me herein, that I may eate, yt my soule maye blesse the, before I dye. 5 But Rebecca herde these wordes, that Isaac sayde vnto his sonne. And Esau wente his waye in to the felde, to hunte venyson, and to brynge it home. 6 Then sayde Rebecca vnto Iacob hir sonne: beholde, I haue herde thy father talkinge with Esau thy brother, and sayenge: 7 Brynge me venyson, and make me meate, that I maye eate, and blesse the before ye LORDE, yer I dye. 8 Now therfore my sonne, heare my voyce, what I commaunde the: 9 Go thy waye to the flocke, and fetch me two good kyddes, that I maye make meate of them for thy father, soch as he loueth: 10 this shalt thou brynge in vnto thy father, that he maye eate, that he maye blesse the before his death. 11 Neuertheles Iacob sayde vnto Rebecca his mother: Beholde, my brother Esau is tough, and I am smooth: 12 then might my father peraduenture fele me, and I shulde seme vnto him as though I begyled him, and so brynge a curse vpon me and not a blessynge. 13 Then sayde his mother vnto him: That curse be vpon me my sonne, folowe thou my voyce: go thy waye and fetch it me. 14 So he wente his waye, and fetched it, and brought it vnto his mother. Then his mother made meate, acordinge as his father loued, 15 and toke Esaus hir elder sonnes costly rayment (which she had with her in ye house) and put them vpon Iacob hir yonger sonne. 16 But the kyddes skynnes put she aboute his handes, and where he was smooth aboute the neck: 17 and so she put the meate with bred (as she had made it) in hir sonne Iacobs hande. 18 And he brought it in vnto his father, and sayde: My father. He answered: here am I, who art thou my sonne? 19 Iacob sayde: I am Esau thy firstborne sonne, I haue done as thou saydest vnto me: aryse, syt vp, and eate of my venyson, that thy soule maye blesse me. 20 But Isaac sayde vnto his sonne? My sonne, how hast thou founde it so soone? He answered: The LORDE yi God brought it to my hande. 21 The sayde Isaac vnto Iacob: Come neare my sonne, that I maye fele the, whether thou be my sonne Esau or not. 22 So Iacob wete vnto Isaac his father. And whan he had felt him, he sayde: The voyce is Iacobs voyce, but the handes are the handes of Esau. 23 And he knew him not, for his handes were rough like as ye handes of his brother Esau. And he blessed him. 24 And he sayde vnto him: art thou my sonsonne Esau? He answered: Yee I am. 25 Then sayde he: Bringe me here then to eate of thy venyson my sonne, that my soule maye blesse the. Then he brought it him, and he ate: and he brought him wyne also, and he dranke. 26 And Isaac his father sayde vnto him: Come nye, and kysse me my sonne. 27 So he came nye, and he kyssed him. Then smelled he the sauoure of his clothes, and blessed him, and sayde: Beholde, the smell of my sonne is as ye smell of the felde, which ye LORDE hath blessed. 28 God geue the of the dew of heauen, and of the fatnesse of the earth, and plenteousnes of corne and wyne. 29 Nacions be thy seruauntes, and people fall downe at yi fote. Be thou lorde ouer thy brethren, and thy mothers children fall downe at thy fote. Cursed be he, that curseth the: and blessed be he, that blesseth the. 30 Now whan Isaac had made an ende of blessynge, and Iacob was scace gone out from his father Isaac, his brother Esau came from his huntinge, 31 and made meate also, and brought it vnto his father, and sayde vnto him: Aryse my father, and eate of yi sonnes venyson, that thy soule maye blesse me. 32 Then answered him Isaac his father: Who art thou? He sayde: I am Esau thy firstborne sonne. 33 Then was Isaac exceadingly amased aboue measure, and saide: Who? Where is then the hunter that brought me, and I haue eaten of all afore thou camest, and haue blessed him? And he shall be blessed still. 34 Whan Esau herde these wordes of his father, he cried loude, and was exceadynge sory, and sayde vnto his father: O blesse me also my father. 35 But he sayde: Thy brother came with sotyltie, and hath taken thy blessinge awaye. 36 Then sayde he: He maye well be called Iacob, for he hath vndermined me now two tymes. My byrth right hath he awaye, and beholde, now taketh he awaye my blessynge also. And he sayde: Hast thou not kepte one blessynge for me? 37 Isaac answered, and sayde vnto him: I haue made him lorde ouer ye, and all his brethren haue I made his seruautes. With corne & wine haue I prouyded him. What shal I do vnto the now my sonne? 38 Esau sayde vnto his father? Hast thou not one blessynge more my father? O blesse me also my father. And he lift vp his voyce, & wepte. 39 Then Isaac his father answered and sayde vnto him: Beholde, thou shalt haue a fat dwellinge vpon earth, & of ye dew of heauen from aboue: 40 with thy swerde shalt thou get thy lyuynge, and shalt serue thy brother. And it shall come to passe, yt thou shalt put of his yock, and plucke it from thy neck. 41 And Esau bare euell wyll vnto Iacob, because of the blessynge that his father had blessed him withall, and sayde in his herte: The tyme wyll come shortly, that my father shal mourne, for I wil slaye my brother Iacob. 42 The was it tolde Rebecca of these wordes of hir elder sonne, and she sent, and bad call for Iacob hir yonger sonne, and saide vnto him: Beholde, thy brother Esau threateneth the, that he wil slaye the. 43 And now my sonne heare my voyce: Get the vp, and flye vnto my brother Laban in Haran, 44 and tary there with him a whyle, tyll the furiousnes of thy brother be swaged, and 45 till his wrath agaynst ye be turned from the, and he forget what thou hast done vnto him. So wyll I then sende for the, and cause the be fetched from thece. Why shulde I be robbed of you both in one daye? 46 And Rebecca sayde vnto Isaac: I am weery of my life, because of the doughters of Heth: Yf Iacob take a wife of the doughters of Heth, which are as the doughters of this londe, what shall this life then profit me?