H2513 חלקה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H2506; properly smoothness; figuratively flattery; also an allotment

KJV Usage: field, flattering (-ry), ground, parcel, part, piece of land ([ground]), plat, portion, slippery place, smooth (thing).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. portion, parcel
a. of ground
2. smooth part, smoothness, flattery
a. smoothness, smooth part
b. slippery places
c. smoothness, flattery
Origin: from H2506
TWOT: 670c
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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29 occurrences of H2513 חלקה

Genesis 27:16 and on the smooth part
Genesis 33:19 the piece
Deuteronomy 33:21 for himself, because there, in a portion
Joshua 24:32 in a parcel
Ruth 2:3 to a part
Ruth 4:3 a parcel
2 Samuel 14:30 field
2 Samuel 14:30 the field
2 Samuel 14:31 my field
2 Samuel 23:11 where was a piece
2 Samuel 23:12 of the ground,
2 Kings 3:19 piece
2 Kings 3:25 piece
2 Kings 9:21 him in the portion
2 Kings 9:25 him into the portion
2 Kings 9:26 thee in this plot,
2 Kings 9:26 him into the plot
1 Chronicles 11:13 where was a parcel
1 Chronicles 11:14 of that parcel,
Job 24:18 their portion
Psalms 12:2 with flattering
Psalms 12:3 all flattering
Psalms 73:18 them in slippery places:
Proverbs 6:24 from the flattery
Isaiah 30:10 smooth things,
Jeremiah 12:10 my portion
Jeremiah 12:10 portion
Amos 4:7 piece
Amos 4:7 upon, and the piece

Distinct usage

3 piece
1 and on the smooth part
1 for himself, because there, in a portion
1 to a part
1 a parcel
1 field
1 the field
1 my field
1 where was a piece
1 of the ground,
1 him in the portion
1 him into the portion
1 thee in this plot,
1 him into the plot
1 their portion
1 with flattering
1 all flattering
1 from the flattery
1 upon, and the piece
1 my portion
1 portion
1 the piece
1 in a parcel
1 where was a parcel
1 of that parcel,
1 them in slippery places:
1 smooth things,

Corresponding Greek Words

chelqah G1131 gumnos
chelqah G1386 dolios
chelqah G3310 meris

Related words


H2520 חלקת chelqath
A form of H2513; smoothness; Chelkath, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Helkath.

H2506 חלק chêleq

From H2505; properly smoothness (of the tongue); also an allotment

KJV Usage: flattery, inheritance, part, X partake, portion.

H2507 חלק chêleq
The same as H2506; portion; Chelek, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Helek.

H2518 חלקיּהוּ חלקיּה chilqı̂yâh chilqı̂yâhû
חלקיּהוּ חלקיּה
chilqı̂yâh chilqı̂yâhû
khil-kee-yaw', khil-kee-yaw'-hoo
From H2506 and H3050; portion of Jah; Chilhijah, the name of eight Israelites

KJV Usage: Hilkiah.

G184 Ἀκελδαμά
Of Chaldee origin (meaning field of blood; corresponding to [H2506] and [H1818]); Akeldama, a place near Jerusalem

KJV Usage: Aceldama.