Genesis 50

  1 H3130 And Joseph H5307 fell H1 upon his father's H6440 face, H1058 and wept H5401 upon him, and kissed him.
  2 H3130 And Joseph H6680 commanded H5650 his servants H7495 the physicians H2590 to embalm H1 his father: H7495 and the physicians H2590 embalmed H3478 Israel.
  3 H705 And forty H3117 days H4390 were fulfilled H4390 for him; for so are fulfilled H3117 the days H2590 of embalming: H4714 and the Egyptians H1058 wept H7657 for him three-score and ten H3117 days.
  4 H3117 And when the days H1068 of weeping H5674 for him were past, H3130 Joseph H1696 spake H1004 unto the house H6547 of Pharaoh, H559 saying, H4672 If now I have found H2580 favor H5869 in your eyes, H1696 speak, H241 I pray you, in the ears H6547 of Pharaoh, H559 saying,
  5 H1 My father H7650 made me swear, H559 saying, H2009 Lo, H4191 I die: H6913 in my grave H3738 which I have digged H776 for me in the land H3667 of Canaan, H6912 there shalt thou bury me. H5927 Now therefore let me go up, H6912 I pray thee, and bury H1 my father, H7725 and I will come again.
  6 H6547 And Pharaoh H559 said, H5927 Go up, H6912 and bury H1 thy father, H7650 according as he made thee swear.
  7 H3130 And Joseph H5927 went up H6912 to bury H1 his father; H5927 and with him went up H5650 all the servants H6547 of Pharaoh, H2205 the elders H1004 of his house, H2205 and all the elders H776 of the land H4714 of Egypt,
  8 H1004 and all the house H3130 of Joseph, H251 and his brethren, H1 and his father's H1004 house: H2945 only their little ones, H6629 and their flocks, H1241 and their herds, H5800 they left H776 in the land H1657 of Goshen.
  9 H5927 And there went up H7393 with him both chariots H6571 and horsemen: H3966 and it was a very H3515 great H4264 company.
  10 H935 And they came H1637 to the threshing-floor H329 of Atad, H5676 which is beyond H3383 the Jordan, H5594 and there they lamented H3966 with a very H1419 great H3515 and sore H4553 lamentation: H6213 and he made H60 a mourning H1 for his father H7651 seven H3117 days.
  11 H3427 And when the inhabitants H776 of the land, H3669 the Canaanites, H7200 saw H60 the mourning H1637 in the floor H329 of Atad, H559 they said, H3515 This is a grievous H60 mourning H4714 to the Egyptians: H8034 wherefore the name of it H7121 was called H67 Abel-mizraim, H5676 which is beyond H3383 the Jordan.
  12 H1121 And his sons H6213 did H6680 unto him according as he commanded them:
  13 H1121 for his sons H5375 carried H776 him into the land H3667 of Canaan, H6912 and buried H4631 him in the cave H7704 of the field H4375 of Machpelah, H85 which Abraham H7069 bought H7704 with the field, H272 for a possession H6913 of a burying-place, H6085 of Ephron H2850 the Hittite, H6440 before H4471 Mamre.
  14 H3130 And Joseph H7725 returned H4714 into Egypt, H251 he, and his brethren, H5927 and all that went up H6912 with him to bury H1 his father, H310 after H6912 he had buried H1 his father.
  15 H3130 And when Joseph's H251 brethren H7200 saw H1 that their father H4191 was dead, H559 they said, H3863 It may be H3130 that Joseph H7852 will hate us, H7725 and will fully H7725 requite H7451 us all the evil H1580 which we did unto him.
  16 H6680 And they sent a message H3130 unto Joseph, H559 saying, H1 Thy father H6680 did command H6440 before H4194 he died, H559 saying,
  17 H559 So shall ye say H3130 unto Joseph, H5375 Forgive, H577 I pray thee H6588 now, the transgression H251 of thy brethren, H2403 and their sin, H1580 for that they did H7451 unto thee evil. H5375 And now, we pray thee, forgive H6588 the transgression H5650 of the servants H430 of the God H1 of thy father. H3130 And Joseph H1058 wept H1696 when they spake unto him.
  18 H251 And his brethren H3212 also went H5307 and fell down H6440 before his face; H559 and they said, H5650 Behold, we are thy servants.
  19 H3130 And Joseph H559 said H3372 unto them, Fear H430 not: for am I in the place of God?
  20 H2803 And as for you, ye meant H7451 evil H430 against me; but God H2803 meant it H2896 for good, H4616 to H6213 bring to pass, H3117 as it is this day, H2421 to save H7227 much H5971 people H2421 alive.
  21 H3372 Now therefore fear H3557 ye not: I will nourish H2945 you, and your little ones. H5162 And he comforted H1696 them, and spake H3820 kindly unto them.
  22 H3130 And Joseph H3427 dwelt H4714 in Egypt, H1 he, and his father's H1004 house: H3130 and Joseph H2421 lived H3967 a hundred H6235 and ten H8141 years.
  23 H3130 And Joseph H7200 saw H669 Ephraim's H1121 children H8029 of the third H1121 generation: the children H4353 also of Machir H1121 the son H4519 of Manasseh H3205 were born upon H3130 Joseph's H1290 knees.
  24 H3130 And Joseph H559 said H251 unto his brethren, H4191 I die; H430 but God H6485 will surely H6485 visit H5927 you, and bring you up out H776 of this land H776 unto the land H7650 which he sware H85 to Abraham, H3327 to Isaac, H3290 and to Jacob.
  25 H3130 And Joseph H7650 took an oath H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H430 God H6485 will surely H6485 visit H5927 you, and ye shall carry up H6106 my bones H2088 from hence.
  26 H3130 So Joseph H4191 died, H3967 being a hundred H6235 and ten H8141 years H1121 old: H2590 and they embalmed H3455 him, and he was put H727 in a coffin H4714 in Egypt.