H3557 כּוּל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; properly to keep in; hence to measure; figuratively to maintain (in various senses)

KJV Usage: (be able to, can) abide, bear, comprehend, contain, feed, forbearing, guide, hold (-ing in), nourish (-er), be present, make provision, receive, sustain, provide sustenance (victuals).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to seize, contain, measure
a. (Qal) to measure, calculate
b. (Pilpel) to sustain, maintain, contain
1. to sustain, support, nourish
2. to contain, hold in, restrain
3. to support, endure
c. (Polpal) to be supplied
d. (Hilpil) to contain, hold, hold in, endure
1. to contain
2. to sustain, endure
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 962
Parts of Speech: Verb

to sustain
1) to seize, contain, measure
1a)(Qal) to measure, calculate
1b) (Pilpel) to sustain, maintain, contain
1b1) to sustain, support, nourish
1b2) to contain, hold in, restrain
1b3) to support, endure
1c) (Polpal) to be supplied
1d) (Hilpil) to contain, hold, hold in, endure
1d1) to contain
1d2) to sustain, endure

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H3557 כּוּל

Genesis 45:11 And there will I nourish
Genesis 47:12 nourished
Genesis 50:21 will nourish
Ruth 4:15 and a nourisher
2 Samuel 19:32 with sustenance
2 Samuel 19:33 with me, and I will feed
2 Samuel 20:3 and fed
1 Kings 4:7 who provided food
1 Kings 4:7 made provision.
1 Kings 4:27 provided food
1 Kings 7:26 it contained
1 Kings 7:38 contained
1 Kings 8:27 cannot contain
1 Kings 8:64 to receive
1 Kings 17:4 to feed
1 Kings 17:9 there to sustain
1 Kings 18:4 and fed
1 Kings 18:13 and fed
1 Kings 20:27 and were all present,
2 Chronicles 2:6 cannot contain
2 Chronicles 4:5 and held
2 Chronicles 6:18 cannot contain
2 Chronicles 7:7 to receive
Nehemiah 9:21 didst thou sustain
Psalms 55:22 and he shall sustain
Psalms 112:5 he will guide
Proverbs 18:14 will sustain
Isaiah 40:12 and comprehended
Jeremiah 2:13 that can hold
Jeremiah 6:11 with holding in:

Distinct usage

3 and fed
3 cannot contain
2 to receive
1 And there will I nourish
1 nourished
1 and a nourisher
1 with sustenance
1 with me, and I will feed
1 who provided food
1 made provision.
1 provided food
1 it contained
1 contained
1 to feed
1 there to sustain
1 and held
1 didst thou sustain
1 and he shall sustain
1 he will guide
1 will sustain
1 and comprehended
1 that can hold
1 with forbearing,
1 to bear
1 But who may abide
1 and were all present,
1 and who can abide
1 with holding in:
1 shall not be able to abide
1 will nourish
1 nor feed
1 it containeth

Corresponding Greek Words

khul hi. G1410 dunamai
kul hi. G1209 dechomai
kul hi. G2425 hikanos
kul hi. G4912 sun echo
kul hi. G5297 hupo phero
kul hi. G5562 choreo
kul pilp. G714 arkeo
kul pilp. G1625 ek trepho
kul pilp. G2720 kat euthuno
kul pilp. G3621 oikonomeo
kul pilp. G5142 trepho
kul pilp. G5278 hupo meno
kul pilp. G5342 phero
kul pilp. G5524 choregeo

Related words


H3546 כּהל ke hal
ke hal
(Chaldee); a root corresponding to H3201 and H3557; to be able

KJV Usage: be able, could.

H3596 כּלי כּילי kı̂ylay kêlay
כּלי כּילי
kı̂ylay kêlay
kee-lah'ee, kay-lah'ee
From H3557 in the sense of withholding; niggardly

KJV Usage: churl.

H3633 כּלכּל kalkôl
From H3557; sustenance; Calcol, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Calcol, Chalcol.