1 G4413 The former G3056 treatise G4160 I made, G5599 O G2321 Theophilus, G4012 concerning G3956 all G3739 that G2424 Jesus G756 began G5037 both G4160 to do G2532 and G1321 to teach,
  2 G891 until G2250 the day G3739 in which G353 he was received up, G1781 after that he G1781 had given commandment G1223 through G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit G652 unto the apostles G3739 whom G1586 he had chosen:
  3 G3739 To whom G2532 he also G3936 showed G1438 himself G2198 alive G3326 after G846 his G3958 passion G1722 by G4183 many G5039 proofs, G3700 appearing G1223 unto G846 them G5062 by the space of forty G2250 days, G2532 and G3004 speaking G4012 the things concerning G932 the kingdom G2316 of God:
  4 G2532 and, G4871 being assembled together G3326 with G846 them, G3853 he charged G846 them G3361 not G5563 to G5563 depart G575 from G2414 Jerusalem, G235 but G4037 to wait for G1860 the promise G3962 of the Father, G3739 which, G191 said he, ye heard G3450 from me:
  5 G3754 For G2491 John G3303 indeed G907 baptized G5204 with water; G1161 but G5210 ye G907 shall be baptized G1722 in G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit G3756 not G4183 many G2250 days G3778 hence.
  6 G4905 They G3767 therefore, G4905 when they G4905 were come together, G1905 asked G846 him, G3004 saying, G2962 Lord, G1487 dost G600 thou G1722 at G5129 this G5550 time G932 restore the kingdom G2474 to Israel?
  7 G1161 And G2036 he said G4314 unto G846 them, G1097 It G2076 is G3756 not G5216 for you G1097 to know G5550 times G2228 or G2540 seasons, G3739 which G3962 the Father G5087 hath set G1722 within G2398 His own G1849 authority.
  8 G235 But G2983 ye shall receive G1411 power, G1904 when G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit G1904 is come G1909 upon G5209 you: G2532 and G2071 ye shall be G3427 my G3144 witnesses G5037 both G1722 in G2419 Jerusalem, G2532 and G1722 in G3956 all G2449 Judaea G2532 and G4540 Samaria, G2532 and G2193 unto G2078 the uttermost G1093 part of the earth.
  9 G2532 And G2036 when he had said G5023 these things, G991 as they were looking, G846 he G1869 was taken up; G2532 and G3507 a cloud G5274 received G846 him G575 out of G846 their G3788 sight.
  10 G2532 And G5613 while G2258 they were G816 looking stedfastly G1519 into G3772 heaven G4198 as G846 he G2532 went, G2400 behold, G1417 two G435 men G3936 stood by G846 them G1722 in G3022 white G2066 apparel;
  11 G3739 who G2532 also G2036 said, G2476 Ye G435 men G1057 of Galilee, G5101 why G2476 stand ye G1689 looking G1519 into G3772 heaven? G2424 this Jesus, G353 who was received up G575 from G5216 you G1519 into G3772 heaven G2064 shall G3779 so G2064 come G3739 in like G5158 manner G3739 as G846 ye beheld him G4198 going G1519 into G3772 heaven.
  12 G5119 Then G5290 returned they G1519 unto G2419 Jerusalem G575 from G3735 the mount G2564 called G1638 Olivet, G3739 which G2076 is G2419 nigh unto Jerusalem, G2192 a G4521 Sabbath day's G3598 journey G2192 off.
  13 G2532 And G3753 when G2258 they were G1525 come in, G305 they went up G1519 into G5253 the upper chamber, G3757 where G2650 they were abiding; G5037 both G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G2532 and G2385 James G2532 and G406 Andrew, G5376 Philip G2532 and G2381 Thomas, G918 Bartholomew G2532 and G3156 Matthew, G2385 James G256 the son of Alphaeus, G2532 and G4613 Simon G2207 the Zealot, G2532 and G2455 Judas G2385 the son of James.
  14 G3778 These G3956 all G2258   G3661 with one accord G4342 continued G4335 stedfastly in prayer, G2532   G1162   G4862 with G1135 the women, G2532 and G3137 Mary G3384 the mother G2424 of Jesus, G2532 and G4862 with G846 his G80 brethren.
  15 G2532 And G1722 in G3778 these G2250 days G4074 Peter G450 stood up G1722 in G3319 the midst G3101 of the brethren, G5037 and G2036 said G5037 (and G2258 there was G846 a G1909 multitude of persons gathered together, G5613 about G846   G1540 a hundred G1501 and twenty),
  16 G435   G80 Brethren, G1163 it was needful G3778 that the G1124 Scripture G4137 should be fulfilled, G3739 which G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit G4277 spake before G1223 by G4750 the mouth G1138 of David G4012 concerning G2455 Judas, G1096 who was G3595 guide G4815 to them that took G2424 Jesus.
  17 G3754 For G2674 he G2258 was G2674 numbered G4862 among G2254 us, G2532 and G2975 received G2819 his portion G3778 in this G1248 ministry.
  18 G3767 (Now G3778 this man G2932 obtained G5564 a field G1537 with G3408 the reward G93 of his iniquity; G2532 and G1096 falling G4248 headlong, G2997 he burst asunder G3319 in the midst, G2532 and G3956 all G846 his G4698 bowels G1632 gushed out.
  19 G2532 And G1096 it became G1110 known G3956 to all G2730 the dwellers G2419 at Jerusalem; G5620 insomuch G1565 that G846 in their G2398   G1258 language G5124 that G5564 field G2564 was called G184 Akeldama, G5124 that G5564 is, The field G129 of blood.)
  20 G1063 For G1125 it is written G1722 in G976 the book G5568 of Psalms, G1096 Let G846 his G1886 habitation G1096 be G2048 made desolate, G2532 And G2077 let G3361 no G2730 man dwell G846 therein: G2532 and, G846 His G1984 office G2983 let G2087 another G2983 take.
  21 G435 Of the men G3767 therefore G3588 that G4905 have companied G2254 with us G1722   G3956 all G5550 the time G1722   G3739 that G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G1525 went in G2532 and G1831 went out G1909 among G2248 us,
  22 G756 beginning G575 from G908 the baptism G2491 of John, G2193 unto G3739 the G2250 day G3739 that G353 he was received up G575 from G2257 us, G5130 of these G1096 must G1520 one G1096 become G3144 a witness G4862 with G2254 us G846 of his G386 resurrection.
  23 G2532 And G2476 they put forward G1417 two, G2501 Joseph G2564 called G923 Barsabbas, G3739 who G1941 was surnamed G2459 Justus, G2532 and G3159 Matthias.
  24 G2532 And G4336 they prayed, G2532 and G2036 said, G4771 Thou, G2962 Lord, G2589 who knowest the hearts G3956 of all G322 men, show G1537 of G5130 these G1417 two G3739 the G1520 one G1586 whom thou hast chosen,
  25 G2983 to take G2819 the place G3778 in this G1248 ministry G2532 and G651 apostleship G1537 from G3739 which G2455 Judas G3845 fell G4198 away, that he might go G1519 to G2398 his own G5117 place.
  26 G2532 And G1325 they gave G846   G2819 lots G2532 for them; and G2819 the lot G4098 fell G1909 upon G3159 Matthias; G2532 and G4785 he was numbered G3326 with G1733 the eleven G652 apostles.