ECB(i) 1
Indeed, I do this first word, O Theo Philos, concerning all Yah Shua began both to do and doctrinate 2 until the day he was taken - after he, through the Holy Spirit, misvahed to the apostles whom he selected: 3 to whom also he presented himself alive after his suffering by many proofs; being seen by them through forty days, and wording about those of the sovereigndom of Elohim: 4 and being thronged together with them, evangelized them to not separate from Yeru Shalem, but to await the pre-evangelism of the Father, which, says he, you heard of me. 5 For Yahn indeed baptized in water; but you, baptized in Holy Spirit not many days after this. 6 So indeed they come together, and ask him, wording, Adonay, restore you the sovereigndom to Yisra El at this time? 7 And he says to them, It is not yours to know the times or the seasons the Father put in his own authority: 8 but you take dynamis, at the coming of the Holy Spirit upon you; and you become my witnesses - both in Yeru Shalem and in all Yah Hudah and in Shomeron and to the finality of the earth. 9
And having said these, and as they look, he is lifted; and a cloud takes him from their eyes. 10
-And as they stare into the heavens as he goes, behold, two men stand by them in white apparel; 11 who also say, You men - Galiliym, why stand you looking into the heavens? This same Yah Shua, taken from you into the heavens comes thus in like manner as you observed him go into the heavens. 12
Then they return to Yeru Shalem from the mount called Olive Orchard, near Yeru Shalem - a shabbath journey. 13 And they enter and ascend to an upper loft, where both Petros and Yaaqovos and Yahn and Andreas Philippos and Taom Bar Talmay and Matthaios and Yaaqovos of Heleph and Shimon the Zealot and Yah Hudah of Yaaqovos abide. 14 These all continue in unanimity in prayer and petition with the women and Mary Miryam the mother of Yah Shua and with his brothers. 15
And in those days Petros rises midst the disciples, and says, - the multitude of their names is about a hundred and twenty, 16 Men and brothers, this scripture must fulfill/shalam, that the Holy Spirit through the mouth of David foretold about Yah Hudah, being guide to them who took Yah Shua: 17 because he was reckoned with us, and was allotted his lot of this ministry. 18 So indeed, this one acquired a parcel from the reward of iniquity; and being headlong, he cracked open in the middle and all his spleen poured forth. Zechariah 11:12 19 And so be it known to all who settle at Yeru Shalem; so that field, in their own dialect, is called, Heleq Dam, that is to say, The Parcel of Blood. 20 For it is scribed in the scroll of Psalms, His hut becomes desolate, and no one settles therein: and another takes his episcopate. Psalm 69:25 21 So, of these men who came with us all the time Adonay Yah Shua entered and exited among us, 22 beginning from the baptism of Yahn, to that same day he taken from us, one must, with us, become a witness of his resurrection. 23 And they set two, Yoseph called Bar Sabah who is called Justus, and Matthias: 24 and they pray, and say, You, Adonay, all heart-knowing, of these two, show the one you select 25 to take his lot of this ministry and apostleship from which Yah Hudah transgressed to go to his own place. 26 And they give their lots; and the lot falls upon Matthias; and he is enrolled with the eleven apostles.