Acts 26

ECB(i) 1
So Agrippa says to Paulos, You are allowed to word for yourself. So Paulos spreads the hand and pleads for himself: 2 I deem myself blessed, Sovereign Agrippa, because this day I am about to plead for myself by you concerning all whereof I am accused by the Yah Hudiym: 3 especially because I know you to be knowledgeable in all customs and questions among the Yah Hudiym: so I petition you to hear me patiently. 4 So indeed, my existence from my youth, being from the beginning among my own goyim at Yeru Shalem, all the Yah Hudiym know; 5 who foreknew me from above, whenever they will to witness, that after the most exact heresy of our ceremonials I lived a Pharisee: 6 and now I stand, judged for the hope of the pre-evangelism that became to our fathers by Elohim: 7 to which our twelve scions, intently liturgizing day and night, hope to arrive: concerning which hope, Sovereign Agrippa, I am accused by the Yah Hudiym. 8 Why be it judged trustless with you, if Elohim raises the dead? 9 So I indeed thought with myself, that I must transact much contrary to the name of Yah Shua the Nazarene. 10 Which I also did in Yeru Shalem: and I locked many of the holy in the guardhouse, taking authority from the archpriests: and when they were taken out, I brought my pebble against them: 11 and I dishonored them often in every synagogue, and compelled them to blaspheme: and raving superabundantly against them, I persecuted them even to outlying cities. 12 Wherein as I went to Dammeseq with authority and permisssion from the archpriests, 13 at midday, O sovereign, I see in the way a light from the heavens, above the radiance of the sun, haloing me and them who went with me: 14 and we all fell to the earth, and I heard a voice speaking to me, and wording in the Hebrew dialect, Shaul, Shaul, why persecute you me? It is hard for you to heel against the stings. 15 And I said, Who are you, Adonay? And he said, I AM Yah Shua whom you persecute. 16 But rise and stand on your feet; and for this I appear to you: to preselect you, an attendant and a witness both of these which you have seen, and of those in which I am to appear to you; 17 releasing you from the people and from the goyim - to whom I now apostolize you 18 to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light; and the authority of Satan to Elohim, that they take forgiveness of sins: and their lot among them who are hallowed by their trust in me. 19 Whereupon, O Sovereign Agrippa, I became not distrusting to the heavenly vision: 20 but evangelized first to them of Dammeseq and at Yeru Shalem and to all the regions of Yah Hudah and to the goyim - to repent and turn to Elohim and transact works worthy of repentance. 21 For these causes the Yah Hudiym took me in the priestal precinct and tried to thoroughly handle me. 22 So having obtained help from Elohim, I stand to this day witnessing both to little and mega; wording none other except those of which the prophets and Mosheh spoke which are about to become: 23 - whether the Messiah suffer and whether he be the first to rise from the resurrection of the dead; and about to evangelize light to the people and to the goyim. 24 And as he pleads these for himself, Phestus says with a mega voice, Paulos, you rave! Much scribing makes you maniacal. 25 But he says, I rave not, most powerful Phestus; but utter the rhema of truth and soundmindedness. 26 For the sovereign understands about these, in front of whom I also speak emboldnened: for I am convinced that none of these are hidden from him; for this is not transacted in a corner. 27 Sovereign Agrippa, trust you the prophets? I know you trust! 28 And Agrippa says to Paulos, In a little you convince me to become a Messianist. 29 And Paulos says, I vow to Elohim, that not only you, but also all who hear me this day, become both, in little and in much, what sort I am, except for these bonds. 30 And when he says these, the sovereign and the governor and Bernice and they who sit with them rise: 31 and they withdraw, and speak to one another, wording, This human transacted naught worthy of death or of bonds. 32 And Agrippa says to Phestus, This human could have been released, except that he called to the Kaisar.