Acts 12

ECB(i) 1
And about that season Herod the sovereign lays on his hands to vilify some of the ecclesia: 2 and he takes out Yaaqovos the brother of Yahn with the sword: 3 and because he sees it pleases the Yah Hudiym, he adds to also take out Petros - these are the days of matsah: 4 and he seizes him and puts him in the guardhouse and delivers him to four quaternions of warriors to guard him; and wills to bring him to the people after pasach. 5 So indeed Petros is guarded in the guardhouse: and the prayer of the ecclesia to Elohim for him becomes intense: 6 and when Herod is about to bring him - that night Petros sleeps between two warriors bound with two fetters: and guards in front of the portal guard the guardhouse: 7 and behold, an angel of Yah Veh stands by, and a light radiates in the dwelling: and he smites Petros on the side, and raises him, wording, Rise quickly! - and his fetters fall from his hands. 8 And the angel says to him, Gird yourself and bind your sandals. - and thus he does. And he words to him, Array your garment and follow me. 9 And he goes out, and follows him; and knows not that what becomes through the angel is true; but thinks he sees a vision. 10 When they pass through the first and the second guardhouse, they come to the iron gate that bears to the city; which opens to them automatically: and they go and proceed through one street; and straightway the angel departs from him. 11 And Petros, being by himself, says, Now I know truly that Yah Veh apostolized his angel to release me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the people of the Yah Hudiym. 12 And being aware, he comes to the house of Miryam the mother of Yahn who is called Markos - where many gather together praying. 13 And as Petros knocks at the portal of the gate, a lass named Rhoda comes to obey: 14 and she knows the voice of Petros: and for cheer, she opens not the gate, but hastens and evangelizes that Petros stands in front of the gate. 15 And they word to her, You rave! - but she thoroughly affirms that it is so. And they say, It is his angel. 16 But Petros abides knocking: and they open, and see him, and they are astounded. 17 And he signals with the hand for them to hush, and declares to them how Yah Veh led him from the guardhouse. And he says, Go evangelize these to Yaaqovos and to the brothers. - and he departs and goes to another place. 18 And being day, there is no small trouble among the warriors about what became of Petros: 19 and when Herod seeks for him, and finds him not, he examines the guards and summons that they be led away: and he goes down from Yah Hudah to Kaisaria and tarries there. 20
And Herod is exasperated with the Soriym and the Sidoniym: but they present themselves to him in unanimity; and convince Blastus who is over the bedchamber of the sovereign; and ask for shalom; because their region is nourished by the country of the sovereign. 21 And on an ordered day, Herod, endued in sovereign apparel, sits on his bamah and addresses them. 22 And the public shouts, The voice of an el and not of a human! 23 And immediately an angel of Yah Veh smites him because he gives not Elohim the glory: and he becomes eaten of maggots and expires: 24 but the word of Elohim grows and multiplies. 25 And they fulfill/shalam their ministry, and Bar Nabi and Shaul return from Yeru Shalem, and take Yahn, who is called Markos with them.