Psalms 17

  1 H8085 [H8798] Hear H6664 the right, H3068 O LORD, H7181 [H8685] prick up thine ear H7440 to my cry, H238 [H8685] give ear H8605 to my prayer, H3808 that goeth not H4820 out of deceitful H8193 lips.
  2 H4941 Let my sentence H3318 [H8799] come forth H6440 from thy face; H5869 let thine eyes H2372 [H8799] envision H4339 straightness.
  3 H974 [H8804] Thou hast proved H3820 my heart; H6485 [H8804] thou hast visited H3915 me in the night; H6884 [H8804] thou hast refined H4672 [H8799] me, and shalt find H2161 [H8800] nothing; I have purposed H6310 that my mouth H5674 [H8799] shall not transgress.
  4 H6468 Concerning the works H120 of men, H1697 by the word H8193 of thy lips H8104 [H8804] I have kept H734 me from the paths H6530 of the destroyer.
  5 H8551 [H8800] Uphold H838 my goings H4570 in thy paths, H6471 that my footsteps H4131 [H8738] slip not.
  6 H7121 [H8804] I have called H6030 [H8799] upon thee, for thou wilt hear H410 me, O God: H5186 [H8685] incline H241 thine ear H8085 [H8798] to me, and hear H565 my speech.
  7 H6395 [H8685] Show thy marvellous H2617 mercy, H3467 [H8688] O thou that liberatest H3225 by thy right hand H2620 [H8802] them who put their trust H6965 [H8693] in thee from those that rise up against them.
  8 H8104 [H8798] Keep H380 me as the pupil H1321 of the daughter H5869 of thine eye, H5641 [H8686] hide H6738 me under the shadow H3671 of thy wings,
  9 H6440 From H7563 the wicked H2098 that H7703 [H8804] ravage H5315 me, from my deadly H341 [H8802] enemies, H5362 [H8686] who surround me.
  10 H5462 [H8804] They are inclosed H2459 in their own fat: H6310 with their mouth H1696 [H8765] they speak H1348 proudly.
  11 H5437 [H8804] They have now surrounded H838 us in our steps: H7896 [H8799] they have set H5869 their eyes H5186 [H8800] bowing down H776 to the earth;
  12 H1825 Like H738 as a lion H3700 [H8799] that is greedy H2963 [H8800] of his prey, H3715 and as it were a young lion H3427 [H8802] lurking H4565 in secret places.
  13 H6965 [H8798] Arise, H3068 O LORD, H6923 [H8761] disappoint H6440 him, H3766 [H8685] cast him down: H6403 [H8761] deliver H5315 my breath H7563 from the wicked, H2719 who is thy sword:
  14 H4962 From men H3027 who are thine hand, H3068 O LORD, H4962 from men H2465 of the lifespan, H2506 who have their portion H2416 in this life, H990 and whose belly H4390 [H8762] thou fillest H6840 with thy hid H7646 [H8799] treasure: they are full H1121 of sons, H3240 [H8689] and leave H3499 the rest H5768 of their substance to their babes.
  15 H2372 [H8799] As for me, I will envision H6440 thy face H6664 in righteousness: H7646 [H8799] I shall be satisfied, H6974 [H8687] when I awake, H8544 with thy likeness.