Psalms 17

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare ye right (O LORDE) cosidre my coplaynte: herken vnto my prayer, that goeth not out of a fayned mouth. 2 Let my sentence come forth fro thy presence, and loke vpon the thinge that is equall. 3 Thou hast proued & visited myne herte in the night season: thou hast tried me in the fyre, & hast founde no wickednes in me: for I vtterly purposed, that my mouth shulde not offende. 4 Because of the wordes of thy lippes, I haue kepte me fro the workes of men, in ye waye off the murthurer. 5 Oh ordre thou my goynges in thy pathes, that my fote steppes slippe not. 6 For vnto the I crie, heare me o God: enclyne thine eares to me, and herke vnto my wordes. 7 Shewe yi maruelous louinge kindnesse, thou that sauest them which put their trust in the, from soch as resist thy right honde. 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, defende me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 9 From the vngodly that trouble me, fro myne enemies which compasse my soule rounde aboute. 10 Which manteyne their owne welthynesse with oppression, & their mouth speaketh proude thinges. 11 They lye waytinge in or waye on euery syde, turnynge their eyes downe to the grounde. 12 Like as a lyon that is gredy of his pray, & as it were a lyons whelpe lurckynge in his denne. 13 Vp LORDE, dispoynte him & cast him downe: delyuer my soule with thy swerde from the vngodly. 14 Fro the men of thy honde (o LORDE) from the men off the worlde, which haue their porcion in this life: whose belies thou fyllest with thy treasure. 15 They haue children at their desyre, and leaue the reste of their substauce for their babes. But as for me, I will beholde thy presence in rightuousnes: and when thy glory appeareth, I shal be satisfied.