Psalms 17

Great(i) 1 A prayer of Dauid. Heare the right, O Lorde, consydre my complaynte, & herken vnto my prayer, that goeth not out of fayned lyppes. 2 Let my sentence come forth from thy presence: and let thyne eyes loke vpon the thing that is equall. 3 Thou hast proued & visyted myne herte in the nyght season: thou haste tryed me and shalt fynde no wyckednesse in me: for I am vtterly purposed, that my mouth shall not offende. 4 Because of mens worckes that are done agaynst the wordes of thy lyppes I haue kepte me from the wayes of the destroyer. 5 O holde thou vp my goynges in thy pathes, that my fote steppes slyppe not. 6 I haue called vpon the, O God, for thou shalt heare me: enclyne thyne eare to me, and herken vnto my wordes. 7 Shewe thy maruelous louynge kyndnesse, thou that art the sauyour of them which put theyr trust in the, from soch as resyst thy ryght hande. 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, hyde me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 9 From the vngodly that trouble me: mine enemies compasse me round about, to take awaye my soule. 10 They are enclosed in their awne fatt: & their mouth speaketh proude thinges. 11 They lye waytynge in oure waye on euery syde, turnynge their eyes downe to the grounde. 12 Lyke as a lyon that is gredy of hys praye, and as it were a lyons whelpe lurcking in secrete places. 13 Up Lorde, disapoynte hym, and cast hym downe: delyuer my soule from the vngodly which is as a swearde of thyne. 14 From the men of thy hande, O Lorde from the men, I saye, and from the euyll worlde, which haue their porcion in thys lyfe, whose belyes thou fyllest wt thy hyd treasure. 15 They haue children at their desyre: & leaue the reste of theyr substaunce for theyr babes. But as for me, I wyll beholde thy presence in righteousnes: & when I awake vp after thy lykenes, I shalbe satisfyed with it.