Job 15

  1 H464 Then Eliphaz H8489 the Temanite H6030 answered,
  2 H2450 "Should a wise man H6030 answer H7307 with vain H1847 knowledge, H4390 and fill H990 himself H6921 with the east wind?
  3 H3198 Should he reason H5532 with unprofitable H1697 talk, H4405 or with speeches H3276 with which he can do no good?
  4 H6565 Yes, you do away H3374 with fear, H1639 and hinder H7881 devotion H6440 before H410 God.
  5 H5771 For your iniquity H502 teaches H6310 your mouth, H977 and you choose H3956 the language H6175 of the crafty.
  6 H6310 Your own mouth H7561 condemns H8193 you, and not I. Yes, your own lips H6030 testify against you.
  7 H7223 "Are you the first H120 man H3205 who was born? H2342 Or were you brought H6440 forth before H1389 the hills?
  8 H8085 Have you heard H5475 the secret H433 counsel of God? H1639 Do you limit H2451 wisdom to yourself?
  9 H3045 What do you know, H3045 that we don't know? H995 What do you understand, which is not in us?
  10 H7867 With us are both the gray-headed H3453 and the very aged H3524 men, much H3117 elder H1 than your father.
  11 H8575 Are the consolations H410 of God H4592 too small H1697 for you, even the word H328 that is gentle toward you?
  12 H3820 Why does your heart H3947 carry you away? H5869 Why do your eyes H7335 flash,
  13 H7725 That you turn H7307 your spirit H410 against God, H4405 and let such words H3318 go out H6310 of your mouth?
  14 H582 What is man, H2135 that he should be clean? H3205 What is he who is born H802 of a woman, H6663 that he should be righteous?
  15 H539 Behold, he puts no trust H6918 in his holy H8064 ones. Yes, the heavens H2141 are not clean H5869 in his sight;
  16 H376 how much less one H8581 who is abominable H376 and corrupt, a man H8354 who drinks H5766 iniquity H4325 like water!
  17 H2331 "I will show H8085 you, listen H2372 to me; that which I have seen H5608 I will declare:
  18 H2450 (Which wise H5046 men have told H1 by their fathers, H3582 and have not hidden it;
  19 H776 to whom alone the land H5414 was given, H2114 and no stranger H5674 passed H8432 among them):
  20 H7563 the wicked H2342 man writhes H3117 in pain all his days, H4557 even the number H8141 of years H6845 that are laid H6184 up for the oppressor.
  21 H6963 A sound H6343 of terrors H241 is in his ears. H7965 In prosperity H7703 the destroyer H935 shall come on him.
  22 H539 He doesn't believe H7725 that he shall return H2822 out of darkness. H6822 He is waited H2719 for by the sword.
  23 H5074 He wanders abroad H3899 for bread, H3045 saying, ‘Where is it?' He knows H3117 that the day H2822 of darkness H3559 is ready H3027 at his hand.
  24 H6862 Distress H4691 and anguish H1204 make him afraid. H8630 They prevail H4428 against him, as a king H6264 ready H3593 to the battle.
  25 H5186 Because he has stretched out H3027 his hand H410 against God, H1396 and behaves himself proudly H7706 against the Almighty;
  26 H7323 he runs H6677 at him with a stiff neck, H5672 with the thick H1354 shields H4043 of his bucklers;
  27 H3680 because he has covered H6440 his face H2459 with his fatness, H6213 and gathered H6371 fat H3689 on his thighs.
  28 H7931 He has lived H3582 in desolate H5892 cities, H1004 in houses H3427 which no one inhabited, H6257 which were ready H1530 to become heaps.
  29 H6238 He shall not be rich, H2428 neither shall his substance H6965 continue, H5186 neither shall their possessions H4512 be extended H776 on the earth.
  30 H5493 He shall not depart H2822 out of darkness. H7957 The flame H3001 shall dry up H3127 his branches. H7307 By the breath H6310 of God's mouth H5493 shall he go away.
  31 H539 Let him not trust H7723 in emptiness, H8582 deceiving H7723 himself; for emptiness H8545 shall be his reward.
  32 H4390 It shall be accomplished H3808 before H3117 his time. H3712 His branch H7488 shall not be green.
  33 H2554 He shall shake off H1154 his unripe grape H1612 as the vine, H7993 and shall cast off H5328 his flower H2132 as the olive tree.
  34 H5712 For the company H2611 of the godless H1565 shall be barren, H784 and fire H398 shall consume H168 the tents H7810 of bribery.
  35 H2029 They conceive H5999 mischief, H3205 and bring forth H205 iniquity. H990 Their heart H3559 prepares H4820 deceit."