1 H8034 Now these are the names H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H935 , which came [H8802]   H4714 into Egypt H376 ; every man H1004 and his household H935 came [H8804]   H3290 with Jacob.
  2 H7205 Reuben H8095 , Simeon H3878 , Levi H3063 , and Judah,
  3 H3485 Issachar H2074 , Zebulun H1144 , and Benjamin,
  4 H1835 Dan H5321 , and Naphtali H1410 , Gad H836 , and Asher.
  5 H5315 And all the souls H3318 that came out [H8802]   H3409 of the loins H3290 of Jacob H7657 were seventy H5315 souls H3130 : for Joseph H4714 was in Egypt already .
  6 H3130 And Joseph H4191 died [H8799]   H251 , and all his brethren H1755 , and all that generation.
  7 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel H6509 were fruitful [H8804]   H8317 , and increased abundantly [H8799]   H7235 , and multiplied [H8799]   H3966 , and waxed exceeding H3966   H6105 mighty [H8799]   H776 ; and the land H4390 was filled [H8735]   with them.
  8 H6965 Now there arose up [H8799]   H2319 a new H4428 king H4714 over Egypt H3045 , which knew [H8804]   H3130 not Joseph.
  9 H559 And he said [H8799]   H5971 unto his people H5971 , Behold, the people H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H7227 are more H6099 and mightier than we:
  10 H3051 Come on [H8798]   H2449 , let us deal wisely [H8691]   H7235 with them; lest they multiply [H8799]   H7122 , and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out [H8799]   H4421 any war H1931 , they H3254 join [H8738]   H8130 also unto our enemies [H8802]   H3898 , and fight [H8738]   H5927 against us, and so get them up [H8804]   H776 out of the land.
  11 H7760 Therefore they did set [H8799]   H4522 over them taskmasters H8269   H6031 to afflict [H8763]   H5450 them with their burdens H1129 . And they built [H8799]   H6547 for Pharaoh H4543 treasure H5892 cities H6619 , Pithom H7486 and Raamses.
  12 H6031 But the more they afflicted [H8762]   H3651 them, the more H7235 they multiplied [H8799]   H6555 and grew [H8799]   H6973 . And they were grieved [H8799]   H6440 because H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel.
  13 H4714 And the Egyptians H5647 made H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H5647 to serve [H8686]   H6531 with rigour:
  14 H4843 And they made H2416 their lives H4843 bitter [H8762]   H7186 with hard H5656 bondage H2563 , in morter H3843 , and in brick H5656 , and in all manner of service H7704 in the field H5656 : all their service H5647 , wherein they made them serve [H8804]   H6531 , was with rigour.
  15 H4428 And the king H4714 of Egypt H559 spake [H8799]   H5680 to the Hebrew H3205 midwives [H8764]   H8034 , of which the name H259 of the one H8236 was Shiphrah H8034 , and the name H8145 of the other H6326 Puah:
  16 H559 And he said [H8799]   H3205 , When ye do the office of a midwife [H8763]   H5680 to the Hebrew women H7200 , and see [H8804]   H70 them upon the stools H1121 ; if it be a son H4191 , then ye shall kill [H8689]   H1323 him: but if it be a daughter H2425 , then she shall live [H8804]  .
  17 H3205 But the midwives [H8764]   H3372 feared [H8799]   H430 God H6213 , and did [H8804]   H4428 not as the king H4714 of Egypt H1696 commanded [H8765]   H2421 them, but saved H3206 the men children H2421 alive [H8762]  .
  18 H4428 And the king H4714 of Egypt H7121 called [H8799]   H3205 for the midwives [H8764]   H559 , and said [H8799]   H4069 unto them, Why H6213 have ye done [H8804]   H1697 this thing H2421 , and have saved H3206 the men children H2421 alive [H8762]  ?
  19 H3205 And the midwives [H8764]   H559 said [H8799]   H6547 unto Pharaoh H5680 , Because the Hebrew H802 women H4713 are not as the Egyptian women H2422 ; for they are lively H3205 , and are delivered [H8804]   H2962 ere H3205 the midwives [H8764]   H935 come in [H8799]   unto them.
  20 H430 Therefore God H3190 dealt well [H8686]   H3205 with the midwives [H8764]   H5971 : and the people H7235 multiplied [H8799]   H3966 , and waxed very H6105 mighty [H8799]  .
  21 H3205 And it came to pass, because the midwives [H8764]   H3372 feared [H8804]   H430 God H6213 , that he made [H8799]   H1004 them houses.
  22 H6547 And Pharaoh H6680 charged [H8762]   H5971 all his people H559 , saying [H8800]   H1121 , Every son H3209 that is born H7993 ye shall cast [H8686]   H2975 into the river H1323 , and every daughter H2421 ye shall save alive [H8762]  .