Tyndale(i) 1 These are the names of the children of Israel, which came to Egipte with Iacob euery man with his housholde: 2 Rube, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, 3 Isachar, Zabulon, Beniamin, 4 Dan, Neptali, Gad ad Aser. 5 All the soules that came out of the loynes of Iacob, were .lxx. and Ioseph was in Egipte all redie. 6 when Ioseph was dead and all his brethern and all that generation: 7 the children of Israel grewe, encreased, multiplied and waxed enceadinge myghtie: so that the londe was full of them. 8 Then there rose vp a new kynge in Egipte which knewe not Ioseph. 9 And he sayde vnto his folke: beholde the people of the childre of Israel are moo ad mightier than we. 10 Come on, let vs playe wisely with them: lest they multiplie, and then (yf there chaunce any warre) they ioyne them selues vnto oure enimies and fyghte ageynst vs, and so gete them out of the lande. 11 And he sette taskemasters ouer them, to kepe them vnder with burthens. And they byl vnto Pharao treasurecities: Phiton and Raamses. 12 But the more they vexed the, the moare they multiplied and grewe: so that they abhorred the childre of Israel. 13 And the Egiptias helde the childern of Israel in bondage without mercie, 14 and made their lyues bitter vnto them with cruell laboure in claye and bricke, and all maner worke in the feldes, and in all maner of service, which they caused the to worke cruelly 15 And the kynge of Egipte sayde vnto the mydwiues of the Ebrueswomen, of which the ones name was Ziphra ad the other Pua: 16 whe ye mydwiue the women of the Ebrues and se in the byrth tyme that it is a boye, kyll it. But yf it be a mayde, let it lyue. 17 Notwithstonding the mydwiues feared God, and dyd not as the kinge of Egipte commauded them: but saued the menchildern. 18 The the kinge of Egipte called for the midwiues ad sayde vnto the: why haue ye delt on this maner and haue saued the menchildern? 19 And the mydwiues answered Pharao, that the Ebrues wemen were not as the wemen of Egipte: but were sturdie women, and were delyuered yer the midwyues came at them. 20 And God therfore delt well with the midwyues. And the people multiplied and waxed very mightie. 21 And because the mydwiues feared God, he made them houses. 22 Than Pharao charged all his pepple sayng All the menchildern that are borne, cast in to the ryuer and save the maydchildern a lyue.