Exodus 37

Tyndale(i) 1 And bezaleel made the arcke of sethim wodd two cubettes and an halfe longe and a cubette and a halfe brode, and a cubett and a halfe hye: 2 and ouerlayde it with fyne golde both within and without, and made a crowne of golde to it rounde aboute, 3 and cast for it iiij. rynges of golde for the .iiij. corners of it: twoo rynges for the one syde and two for the other, 4 and made staues of Sethim wodd, and couered them wyth golde, 5 and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the syde of the arcke to bere it with all. 6 And he made the mercyseate of pure golde two cubettes and a halfe longe and one cubette and a halfe brode, 7 and made two cherubyns of thicke golde apon the two endes off the mercyseate: 8 One cherub on the one ende, and another cherub on the other ende of the mercyseate. 9 And the cherubyns spredde out their wynges aboue an hye, and couered the mercyseate therewith, And their faces were one to another: euen to the mercyseate warde, were the faces of the cherubins. 10 And he made the table of sethim wodd two cubettes longe and a cubette brode, and a cubette and an halfe hyghe, 11 and ouerlayde it with fine golde, and made thereto a crowne of golde rounde aboute, 12 and made thereto an whope of an hande brede rounde aboute, and made vnto the whope a crowne of golde rounde aboute, 13 and cast for it .iiij. rynges of golde ad put the rynges in the .iiij. corners by the fete: 14 euen vnder the whope to put staues in to bere the table with all. 15 And he made staues of Sethim wodd and couered them with golde to bere the table with all, 16 and made the vessels that were on the table of pure golde, the dysshes, spones, flattpeces and pottes to poure with all, 17 And he made the candelsticke of pure thicke golde: both the candelsticke and his shaft: with braunces, bolles, knoppes ad floures procedynge out of it. 18 Sixe braunches procedinge out of the sydes thereof .iij. out of the one syde and .iij. out of the other. 19 And on euery braunche were .iij. cuppes like vnto almondes, wyth knoppes and floures thorow out the sixe braunches that proceded out of the candelsticke. 20 And apon the candelsticke selfe, were .iiij. cuppes after the facyon of almondes with knoppes and floures: 21 vnder eueri two braunches a knoppe. 22 And the knoppes and the braunches proceded out of it, and were all one pece of pure thicke golde. 23 And he made seuen lampes thereto, and the snoffers thereof, ad fyrepanes of pure golde. 24 And hundred weyghte of pure golde, made both it and all that belonged thereto. 25 And he made the cesalter of sethi wodd of a cubett loge ad a cubett brode: eue .iiij. square and two cubettes hye with hornes procedynge out of it. 26 And he couered it with pure golde both the toppe ad the sydes rounde aboute ad the hornes of it, and made vnto it a crowne of golde rounde aboute. 27 And he made two rynges of golde vnto it, euen vnder the croune apon ether syde of it, to put staues in for to bere it with al: 28 and made staues of sethim wodd, ad ouerlayde them with golde. 29 And he made the holy anoyntinge oyle and the swete pure inces after the apothecarys crafte.