Exodus 37

Coverdale(i) 1 And Bezaleel made the Arke of Fyrre tre, two cubites and a half loge, a cubyte and a half brode, and a cubyte & a half hye, 2 and ouerlayed it with fyne golde within and without, and made a crowne of golde vnto it rounde aboute, 3 and cast for it foure rynges of golde to the foure corners of it, vpon euery syde two. 4 And made staues of Fyrre tre, and ouerlayed the with golde, 5 and put them in the rynges a longe by ye sydes of the Arke, to beare it withall. 6 And he made ye Mercyseate of pure golde two cubytes and a half longe, and a cubite and a half brode, 7 & made two Cherubyns of fyne beaten golde vpon the two endes of the Mercyseate: 8 One Cherub vpon the one ende, and the other Cherub vpon the other ende: 9 and the Cherubyns spredde out their wynges aboue an hye, and couered ye Mercyseate ther with: and their faces stode one ouer agaynst the other, and loked vnto the Mercyseate. 10 And he made ye table, of Fyrre tre, two cubytes longe, a cubyte brode, and a cubyte & a half hye, 11 and ouerlayed it with fyne golde, and made therto a crowne of golde rounde aboute, 12 and made vnto it an whoope of an hande bredth hye, and made a crowne of golde rounde aboute the whoope. 13 And for it he cast foure golde rynges, & put them in the foure corners by the fete 14 harde by the whoope, that the staues might be therin, to beare the table with all: 15 & made the staues of Fyrre tre, and ouerlayed the with golde, to beare the staues withall. 16 And the vessels vpon the table made he also of fyne golde: the disshes, spones, flat peces and pottes, to poure in and out withall. 17 And he made the candilsticke of fyne beaten golde, where vpon was the shaft wt brauches, cuppes, knoppes, & floures: 18 Sixe braunches proceaded out of ye sydes therof, vpon either syde thre brauches: 19 vpo euery brauch were thre cuppes like allmodes, wt knoppes and floures. 20 Vpon the candilsticke self were foure cuppes with knoppes and floures, 21 vnder euery two brauches a knoppe. 22 The knoppes & braunches therof proceaded out of it, and were all one pece of fyne beaten golde. 23 And he made the seuen lampes with their snoffers & outquenchers of pure golde. 24 Of an hudreth weight of golde made he it, and all the apparell therof. 25 He made also the altare of incense, of Fyrre tre, a cubyte longe and brode, eauen foure squared, and two cubytes hye with the hornes of it, 26 and ouerlayed it with fyne golde, the toppe and the sydes of it rounde aboute, 27 and the hornes therof, and made a crowne vnto it rounde aboute of pure golde, & two golde rynges vnder the crowne on both the sydes, to put the staues therin, and to beare it withall: 28 but the staues made he of Fyrre tre, and ouerlayed them with golde. 29 And he made the holy anoyntinge oyle, & the incense of pure spyces, after ye craft of the Apotecary.