Exodus 11

  1 H3068 And the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H4872 unto Moses H935 , Yet will I bring [H8686]   H259 one H5061 plague H6547 more upon Pharaoh H4714 , and upon Egypt H310 ; afterwards H7971 he will let you go [H8762]   H7971 hence: when he shall let you go [H8763]   H1644 , he shall surely [H8763]   H1644 thrust you out [H8762]   H3617 hence altogether.
  2 H1696 Speak [H8761]   H241 now in the ears H5971 of the people H376 , and let every man H7592 borrow [H8799]   H7453 of his neighbour H802 , and every woman H7468 of her neighbour H3627 , jewels H3701 of silver H3627 , and jewels H2091 of gold.
  3 H3068 And the LORD H5414 gave [H8799]   H5971 the people H2580 favour H5869 in the sight H4714 of the Egyptians H376 . Moreover the man H4872 Moses H3966 was very H1419 great H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H5869 , in the sight H6547 of Pharaoh's H5650 servants H5869 , and in the sight H5971 of the people.
  4 H4872 And Moses H559 said [H8799]   H559 , Thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H3915 , About midnight H2676   H3318 will I go out [H8802]   H8432 into the midst H4714 of Egypt:
  5 H1060 And all the firstborn H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H4191 shall die [H8804]   H1060 , from the firstborn H6547 of Pharaoh H3427 that sitteth [H8802]   H3678 upon his throne H1060 , even unto the firstborn H8198 of the maidservant H310 that is behind H7347 the mill H1060 ; and all the firstborn H929 of beasts.
  6 H1961 And there shall be [H8738]   H1419 a great H6818 cry H776 throughout all the land H4714 of Egypt H3808 , such as there was none H3808 like it, nor H3254 shall be like it any more [H8686]  .
  7 H1121 But against any of the children H3478 of Israel H3611 shall not a dog H2782 move [H8799]   H3956 his tongue H376 , against man H929 or beast H3045 : that ye may know [H8799]   H3068 how that the LORD H6395 doth put a difference [H8686]   H4714 between the Egyptians H3478 and Israel.
  8 H5650 And all these thy servants H3381 shall come down [H8804]   H7812 unto me, and bow down [H8694]   H559 themselves unto me, saying [H8800]   H3318 , Get thee out [H8798]   H5971 , and all the people H7272 that follow H310 thee: and after H3318 that I will go out [H8799]   H3318 . And he went out [H8799]   H6547 from Pharaoh H2750 in a great H639 anger.
  9 H3068 And the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H4872 unto Moses H6547 , Pharaoh H8085 shall not hearken [H8799]   H4159 unto you; that my wonders H7235 may be multiplied [H8800]   H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt.
  10 H4872 And Moses H175 and Aaron H6213 did [H8804]   H4159 all these wonders H6440 before H6547 Pharaoh H3068 : and the LORD H2388 hardened [H8762]   H6547 Pharaoh's H3820 heart H1121 , so that he would not let the children H3478 of Israel H7971 go out [H8765]   H776 of his land.