1 H4853 The burden H2265 which Habakkuk H5030 the prophet H2372 did see.
  2 H3068 O Jehovah, H7768 how long shall I cry, H8085 and thou wilt not hear? H2199 I cry out H2555 unto thee of violence, H3467 and thou wilt not save.
  3 H7200 Why dost thou show H205 me iniquity, H5027 and look H5999 upon perverseness? H7701 for destruction H2555 and violence H7379 are before me; and there is strife, H4066 and contention H5375 riseth up.
  4 H8451 Therefore the law H6313 is slacked, H4941 and justice H5331 doth never H3318 go forth; H7563 for the wicked H3803 doth compass H6662 about the righteous; H4941 therefore justice H3318 goeth forth H6127 perverted.
  5 H7200 Behold H1471 ye among the nations, H5027 and look, H8539 and wonder H8539 marvellously; H6466 for I am working H6467 a work H3117 in your days, H539 which ye will not believe H5608 though it be told you.
  6 H6965 For, lo, I raise up H3778 the Chaldeans, H4751 that bitter H4116 and hasty H1471 nation, H1980 that march H4800 through the breadth H776 of the earth, H3423 to possess H4908 dwelling-places that are not theirs.
  7 H366 They are terrible H3372 and dreadful; H4941 their judgment H7613 and their dignity H3318 proceed from themselves.
  8 H5483 Their horses H7043 also are swifter H5246 than leopards, H2300 and are more fierce H6153 than the evening H2061 wolves; H6571 and their horsemen H6335 press proudly H6571 on: yea, their horsemen H935 come H7350 from far; H5774 they fly H5404 as an eagle H2363 that hasteth H398 to devour.
  9 H935 They come H2555 all of them for violence; H4041 the set H6440 of their faces H6921 is forwards; H622 and they gather H7628 captives H2344 as the sand.
  10 H7046 Yea, he scoffeth H4428 at kings, H7336 and princes H4890 are a derision H7832 unto him; he derideth H4013 every stronghold; H6651 for he heapeth H6083 up dust, H3920 and taketh it.
  11 H2498 Then shall he sweep H7307 by as a wind, H5674 and shall pass over, H816 and be guilty, H2098 even he whose H3581 might H433 is his god.
  12 H6924 Art not thou from everlasting, H3068 O Jehovah H430 my God, H6918 my Holy One? H4191 we shall not die. H3068 O Jehovah, H7760 thou hast ordained H4941 him for judgment; H6697 and thou, O Rock, H3245 hast established H3198 him for correction.
  13 H2889 Thou that art of purer H5869 eyes H7200 than to behold H7451 evil, H3201 and that canst H5027 not look H5999 on perverseness, H5027 wherefore lookest H898 thou upon them that deal treacherously, H2790 and holdest thy peace H7563 when the wicked H1104 swalloweth H6662 up the man that is more righteous than he;
  14 H6213 and makest H120 men H1709 as the fishes H3220 of the sea, H7431 as the creeping things, H4910 that have no ruler over them?
  15 H5927 He taketh up H2443 all of them with the angle, H1641 he catcheth H2764 them in his net, H622 and gathereth H4365 them in his drag: H8055 therefore he rejoiceth H1523 and is glad.
  16 H2076 Therefore he sacrificeth H2764 unto his net, H6999 and burneth incense H4365 unto his drag; H1992 because by them H2506 his portion H8082 is fat, H3978 and his food H1277 plenteous.
  17 H7324 Shall he therefore empty H2764 his net, H2550 and spare H2026 not to slay H1471 the nations H8548 continually?