Thomson(i) 1 The vision which Ambakum the prophet saw. 2 [p] How long, O Lord shall I cry, and thou not hearken? How long shall I being injured cry to thee, and thou not save? 3 Why hast thou pointed out to me to behold labours and sorrows, misery and impiety? A suit is instituted against me and the judge receiveth [bribes] 4 therefore law is disregarded and the cause is not brought to an issue. Because a wicked man oppresseth the just, therefore wrong judgment will be given. 5 [J] See ye despisers! and view intently and be amazed at wonderful things and vanish. For in your days I am doing a work which you will not believe though one tell you. 6 For lo! I am raising up the Chaldeans that bitter and hasty nation, which marcheth over the breadth of the earth, to possess dwellings which belong not to them. 7 He is terrible and illustrious; his judgment will be from himself, and from himself his prophesy will proceed. 8 His horses can out leap leopards and are swifter than the lynxes of Arabia. When his horsemen have mounted, they will rush impetuously from afar, and will fly like an eagle, eager for prey. 9 Destruction will come on the wicked who set themselves against him; and he will gather captives like the sand. 10 He indeed will riot in kings; and petty princes will be his scorn. Of every fortress he will make a scoff and will raise a mount and take it. 11 Then he will change his mind and depart and be pacified. [p] This is the majesty which belongeth to my God. 12 Art not thou from everlasting? Lord, my God, my Holy One! let us not die. Thou, Lord, hast appointed this for judgment: and formed it that its correction may work conviction in me. 13 Thine eye is too pure to behold wicked deeds, or to look on the labours of sorrow. Why lookest thou upon despisers? Wilt thou be silent when the wicked swallow up the righteous? 14 Wilt thou make these men like the fishes of the sea, and like those reptiles which have no leader? 15 He hath drawn up destruction with a hook, and hath dragged out one with a dredge, and enclosed another with his sweep net. For this cause he will rejoice and his heart will be glad; 16 therefore he will sacrifice to his net and burn incense to his dredge. Because by these he made his mess rich and his food delicious, 17 shall he on the account of this cast his dredge, and not spare to slay nations continually?