ECB(i) 1
The burden Habakkuk the prophet sees: 2 O Yah Veh, how long cry I, and you hear not! - even cry out to you of violence, and you save not? 3 Why show me mischief, and have me to scan at toil? With ravage and violence in front of me? And strife and contention lifting themselves? 4 So the torah is exhausted and judgment goes not in perpetuity: for the wicked surround the just; so twisted judgment proceeds. 5
See among the goyim and look; and marvel marvellously: for he works a work in your days which you trust not though it is scribed. 6 For, behold, I raise the Kesediym, that bitter and hasty goyim, to walk through the expanse of the land; to possess the tabernacles which are not theirs: 7 - terrible and awesome: their judgment and their exalting proceeds from themselves: 8 with horses swifter than leopards and sharper than the evening wolves: and their cavalry spread themselves and their cavalry comes from afar; they fly as the eagle hastening to devour: 9 they all come for violence; their faces suck the easterly and they gather the captivity as the sand. 10 And they ridicule sovereigns, and potentates are their laughingstock: they ridicule every fortress; for they heap dust and capture it. 11 Then his spirit passes on and he passes over; yes, he guilts his force is unto his elohah. 12
Are you not from antiquity, O Yah Veh my Elohim, my Holy One? We die not, O Yah Veh: you set them for judgment; and O Rock, you founded them for reproof: 13 - eyes, purer than to see evil, that cannot look on toil: Why look on them who deal covertly? And hush when the wicked swallow him who is more just? 14 Works humanity as the fishes of the sea? As the creepers who have no sovereign over them? 15 He ascends them all with the hook; he catches them in their net and gathers them in their dragnet: so he cheers and twirls: 16 so he sacrifices to his net and incenses to his dragnet; because by them his allotment is fat, and his food fattens. 17 So drags he not his net? And spares he not from continually slaughtering the goyim?